Open Source vs. Proprietary Business Models

NotSoCommonCents has an interesting post on open source vs. proprietary business models. And it is the first time I've seen it but, Craiglist is now a verb.

  • Eit

    Nice link, thanks…intriguing indeed that an open source encyclopedia could be almost as good as the gold standard!

    On a slightly tangential note, what’s more intriguing is perhaps making money from open source! Making revenues from free & open source software is one of the most frequently asked questions these days. While there have been a few successful examples of companies (like MySQL, Red Hat etc) which are making money, I’d surmise that these are still very early days for open source revenue & profit models.

    While open source as an operational paradigm certainly has been having exceptional success against proprietary and closed-software models in the recent past, in my opinion, a lot more thought need to be given and experimentations done before the emergence of viable revenue models for the free & open source models that can successfully compete with the current proprietary software revenue model. Some specifics of the business models are emerging fast, but it will take a few years for the market to test each of these out and hopefully, the fittest will survive.

    A site that focuses exclusively on revenue models from free, open source software is – Free, Open-source Dollars – !

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