Opportunity Knocks on Pandemic’s Door


Drea wrote about companies and industries that could profit from swine flu/H1N1. While some companies are naturally situated to benefit from disease, others are just hoping to hop on the pig wagon.

Soap Labs seems to be one of the latter. They’re hoping to get parents to buy their product to help their kids learn to wash their hands thoroughly. SOAPRISE by Soap Labs LLC is a device gets kids to want to wash their hands longer by keeping them engaged in the process. The bottle of soap lights up for 15 seconds after the soap is dispensed. This is the amount of time advised by the Centers for Disease Control for washing your hands in order to effectively kill the germs that cause illness. Kids are encouraged to wash until the light goes out.

The founders claim that kids get “excited” about the lit up soap bottle. But I think they’re wrong. This might work for adults. Just ask any Sonic Care toothbrush user. (A pulse lets the brusher know how long to brush.) But as the mother of two bona fide children, I can tell you that even the youngest children get so much more stimulation from the most elementary electronic games that they are not going to be impressed by a lighted soap bottle.

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Colored foam soap, on the other hand, keeps them entertained for hours seconds.

Image Credit: eflon, Flickr