Oracle donates $200 million to Obama’s program aimed at teaching kids computer programming

Oracle donates 200 million dollars to Computer Science For All Program

Oracle has announced that it is making a $200 million donation to President Obama’s Computer Science For All program. Money will be given to the program over the next 18 months.

The White House announced the program last January. The administration wants computer science to become a regular subject taught at American schools from kindergarten through high school.

Obama’s Computer Science For All program calls for a $4 billion budget for all states and $100 million budget directly for school districts to train teachers and give them the tech resources they need to run the program.

$135 million in computer science funding came from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Corporation for National And Community Service (CNCS).

After announcing the program President Obama called on tech companies to donate money to the program.

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Qualcomm have all promised to increase their donations to computer science funding.

While not associated with the Obama administrations program, The Cartoon Network has created a $30 million campaign to encourage young people to code.

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The $200 million Oracle donation isn’t just cash. The company is giving away its curriculum, professional development for teachers, software, and certification resources.

Oracle will also give more than $3 million to nonprofits focused on teaching girls and other underrepresented populations to pursue STEM and CS degrees.

As Business Pundit reported on Wednesday, the number of applications for H-1B Visas in the United States increased to record levels in early 2016. Currently, less than 100,000 workers are granted those work visas. Tech companies have been using workarounds to bring even more high-skilled workers into the country.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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