Osclass Review: The Best Free Recruitment Software Solution for Small Businesses


We’ve turned our attention to recruitment software solutions for small businesses this week and it’s fair to say that there are a lot of options out there on the market. We picked Workable as our best overall recruitment software solution for small businesses but it’s not the most cost-effective recruitment software out there.

The most cost-effective solution for businesses on a tight budget is free and that’s where Osclass comes in. It is significantly weaker as a recruitment software than Workable but the price tag is unbeatable. That means it’s going to appeal to companies which don’t recruit very often or to companies that want to dip their toes in the water of using recruitment software without running up a big bill.

Why Did We Choose Osclass?

We chose Osclass for a variety of factors and these include:


As you might expect; Osclass is an open source software project as many free software projects tend to be. This is very good news for businesses that intend to rely on Osclass because it means even if the company behind it disappears – you can continue to use and operate the software and even, if you’re prepared to pay for it, upgrade and enhance the software too.

Value for Money


It’s hard to beat “free” and Osclass is 100% free to use; you will, however, need webhosting in order to take advantage of the product but given that pretty much every business today has its own website – it’s likely that you’re already paying for web –hosting and thus it’s no more expensive to use Osclass than it is to use your current website.

We think it’s very unlikely that any business with hiring needs that justify the effort of using a recruitment software solution is going to be without a website. So, we maintain the overall cost of using Osclass is nothing and that’s the best value for money you’re going to find.

Ease of Use and Functionality

There’s no point in getting involved with any kind of software today, whether it’s free or not, if it’s not easy to use. We found that in our hands-on test with Osclass that it’s very simple to use. It also comes with some nice options (for a free service) for getting your vacancies in front of a potential employee or two.

Custom Website on a Subdomain

You can create a subdomain of your main website such as subdomain.mywebsite.com and then run Osclass as a standalone job portal on that subdomain. If you do this; you’ll still want to talk to your website people about creating a link from your main website to the subdomain.

Create a Job Portal on Your Main Website


If you’d rather integrate Osclass with your existing website; that’s pretty easy to do. The source code is freely available to your web design team to open up and customize to match your current website. Of course, this is likely to cost more money than just hosting Osclass on a subdomain but it’s also likely to deliver a more “brand consistent approach” to recruitment too.

Publish to Job Sites, Job Directory and Social Media

You can also use Osclass to publish vacancies straight to some job sites (it’s worth noting that with the exception of SimplyHired these tend to be secondary sites and not the big names of the industry) and to do this to multiple sites with a single click. You can also use Osclass’s own job directory at the same time and update your social media platforms with your vacancies too.

Creating a job board is really simple it’s a wizard driven process that really takes no effort at all; you do need to provide Osclass with an e-mail address at this stage but that seems a fair trade for the free service they provide. It’s also essential for you to get updates from applicants, etc.

Once you’ve created your job board; you can immediately get to grips with creating job adverts. This is very simple with plenty of options to create highly-specific or very general adverts that fit your needs as a business.

From an Applicant’s Perspective

Job seekers should find the Osclass system very easy to use when submitting their data. As you might expect this isn’t going to be an in-depth pre-screening process but rather an opportunity to add a cover letter and a resume alongside some basic details.

Candidates can even shortcut this process by linking their application to their LinkedIn or Indeed profiles and then importing all the information from those profiles with a single button click.

Talent Management

Osclass offers some decent facilities for notifying you when someone has applied for a role, storing resumes and CVs in an organized dashboard, and it’s reasonably easy to go through each resume and sort into an accept and reject pile. Once you’re ready – you can also e-mail candidates via Osclass to invite them for interview. You can also leave a note against each resume as to which stage of the hiring process they are at.

Customer Support


Free is free and that means as you’d expect for a service you’re not paying for; there’s no customer service for Osclass. You can engage a developer or web professional on your own dime to help out with any issues that you have or you can ask in the Osclass forum for help but you’re really on your own.

Drawbacks of Using Osclass

Osclass is excellent for a free service but free services aren’t intended to compete with fully-featured paid for recruitment software packages.

The biggest drawbacks of using Osclass are the complete lack of customer service which may or may not be a problem depending on the technical literacy of those involved in implementing the software and the fact that the Osclass system doesn’t support a number of the most popular job boards. That leaves you needing to duplicate processes and efforts if you want to use Monster or CareerBuilder for example.



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