Owning Up to Your Mistakes

One of my employees made a mistake today. Like any other company, we give more discounts the more you buy. Well, someone who looked at buying a lot decided not to. He paid, but called me later and said the per unit cost didn't work out to what he thought. I explained that for the given amount that was the price and he was fine with it. But as I thought about it I just felt dishonest. So I talked with my employees and realized we had been talking per-unit cost with him under the assumption he was purchasing a certain amount, which he didn't. No one had explained to him that his per-unit cost would increase. So I called him back, explained the situation, apologized, and gave him back the difference between what he expected to pay and what he did pay. The first words out of his mouth were "wow, I appreciate that – that is great customer service." I thought we would look stupid, like we didn't have it together, but instead we earned a testimonial of someone who will tell others we aren't out to rip people off. I dread making calls like that, but it is the right thing to do and it is just good business.

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