Paypal has doubled maternity leave for new moms

Paypal Maternity Leave

PayPal has doubled the paid leave allowed for new moms.

New moms at PayPal will have sixteen weeks of fully paid leave while fathers will get eight weeks of “paid bonding” time, a benefit PayPal previously offered only in California.

The company’s previous policy gave new mothers eight weeks off with 80% pay.

Paypal’s new policy arrives after its competitors began upping the ante in the maternity leave game. Netflix recently announced that employees can take as much paid parental leave as they see fit.

While better leave policies are excellent news for moms and dads, the United States still falls far behind the rest of the world. Currently federal law guarantees up to 12 weeks of leave for new moms working at companies with at least 50 employees, however, that leave does not have to be paid.

In comparison, European workers often receive six months of paid parental leave.

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Paypal also plans to give its workforce more time off next year.

Here are the rest of Paypal’s new employee benefits:

  • Employees can now take eight weeks of paid time off to care for an immediate family member who is seriously ill.
  • Workers can take five days of sick leave per year.
  • They can take another five days to do volunteer work.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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