Peter Drucker Dies

It is a sad day for business when the world's leading management philosopher, the man that helped popularize the discipline of management, and a man that has profoundly influenced my thinking passed away.

Peter Drucker, the organization consultant whose clear thinking and engaging analysis made him the leading management guru to many of the world's biggest companies, has died. He was 95.

Drucker died this morning, Claremont Graduate University said in a statement. Drucker was the Marie Rankin Clarke Professor of Social Sciences and Management at the Claremont, California-based school from 1971 to 2003.

The Austria-born journalist and intellectual taught, wrote and advised companies on management techniques for seven decades, completing his 35th book at age 94. His wide-ranging lectures captivated audiences from Japanese executives to U.S. college students, and he was respected if not revered by top executives who sought his counsel.

If you want to write a post honoring Peter Drucker, send me the link. I plan to pull together some of my favorite quotes, ideas, and posts about him, and post them all together somewhere.