Phantom Alert Warns Drivers About Speed Traps via GPS

Phantom Alert is a new GPS software application that tells users where red light traffic cameras, speed traps, and DUI checkpoints. For $9.99/month, Phantom Alert will make your GPS beep every time a speed regulation threat is near.

According to Rebecca Burn-Callander at RealBusiness,

The revenue model is solid. Users have to stay plugged into Phantom Alert as the service is constantly evolving. New speed cameras are added to the network hourly, and if old cameras move, you are kept in the loop.

MSNBC adds:

As for where the company gets its information, camera locations are already available to the public. Some information comes from drivers who report speed traps and mobile cameras and, in some cases, the company says it’s getting data from police themselves who are using it as a public service.

Supporters of the cameras say they decrease accidents, but opponents say they’re little more than money makers for cities sucking millions of dollars out of the economy.

Authorities worry Phantom Alert will encourage people to continue their poor driving habits without feeling the sting of a costly ticket.

The safety arguments are moot because the target market is so specific. Anyone willing to pay $10/month for a Phantom Alert subscription either pays more than that a year in traffic tickets, or has a vested interest in keeping up habitual speeding. The price point itself suggests a very specific target market. Subscribers are going to speed regardless, they just want to make it a cheaper proposition.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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