Place Blogging About Your Business


Platial is an online atlas that is built by people who submit places to it. You can tag places, find places near you, and do some other cool stuff, but now they have added place blogging.

The idea is simple. Suppose I put Churchill Downs on Platial (it's there already) and since I've been there I want to tell a story. I can write a post that will be viewable by anyone that is looking that Churchill Downs Platial page. If you have a business that is driven by consumer visits to your location (restaurant, gym, auto repair, etc) what happens now is that people can post about their experiences at your establishment. That means good and bad experiences can go on there, and you don't have any control over it. At least, once they leave your building you have no control over it.

So if you have this kind of business and someone raves about you, encourage them to go blog it on Platial. It could send a few extra customers your way.

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