Plastic Surgeons Love Photoshop

Huffington Post My husband occasionally accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. I just see connections sometimes. For example, I believe that plastic surgeons everywhere do a happy dance every time they hear the word Photoshop, which has become so pervasive in our society that it’s now a verb.

If It’s Good Enough For Hollywood, It’s Good Enough For Me

Keira Knightley is standing up for her unadulterated likeness after her cleavage was enhanced on publicity photos for “The Duchess”.

“She has insisted that her figure stay in its natural state,” an insider said. “She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered.”

The girl is gorgeous, as are the rest of the celebrities who are routinely touched up to perfection. Jezebel has a great animated picture of Faith Hill on the cover of Redbook. I’m not too interested on whether or not Knightley or other tinsel towners have the right to dispute the alterations of their images – they’re selling them after all. But how is this perfection mentality affecting our collective self-image and our level of spending on cosmetic procedures? Becasue who has the most to gain from bigger boobs on a movie poster? The guys doing breast implants!

If I were a plastic surgeon, I’d give away plenty of free advice on how to use Photoshop to create the perfect look. There’s a term for this: it’s virtual plastic surgery and you can learn how do it with online tutorials like this one for how to achieve the look of a nose job with Photoshop.

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Before and After – For Regular People

At great risk of embarrassment to myself, I’m offering my personal experience for your inspection. I chose the photo on the left from a recent shoot for head shots. I thought I looked pretty cute. Then I got the edited version. OMG I look so much better, right? The dark circles and ‘tiny’ lines are gone, along with with any skin imperfections. And my eyes are markedly poppier.

But something’s missing. About ten years to be precise. The picture on the right looks just like me in the nineties! There’s a lot of personality in those lines all over my face on the left. And the photoshopped version doesn’t capture all the attitude. It seems sadder somehow. Prettier, younger, Stepford-ier maybe?

headbefore08 head08jpeg

However, I’m vain. So of course I’m using the one on the right.

Now, about that nose job…