Please Remove Your Site from Google


How To Decide Whether or Not to Outsource Your HR Department
  • Jesse

    This is hilarious…

  • Jan

    Your site is useless. That’s why it rates higher on the SEO stakes.
    Darn, that’s the secret! LMAO

  • Sandi

    That is so hilarious! My mouth actually dropped open in astonishment while reading the message. So much for competition in the free market!

  • raj

    Bwa ha ha ha. This is too effing funny. Are people just stupid, or do they think others are stupid enough to be “scared”?

  • Dave

    Holy crap, how funny! To think someone might fall for that one day!

  • 8

    gotta be a joke :)

  • LOL….hehehehe. cant stop laughing….its joke of the month !!

  • ind

    that guy is right. He can sue you. You will be sent to jail (or to watch the madhur bhandarkar movie of the same name, which is as bad). You should remove your site now, i dont know how you do it, may be put an application with the local police station or so.

  • Hilarious! Maybe you should email back and tell him that Google charges a $500 “website removal fee” and if he is willing to pay that for you, you will gladly remove it.

    Google Removal Tool…there’s no app for that…yet.

  • Watch out, they might sue you! Very funny. Thanks for sharing.

  • I retweeted this and posted a link to this on Facebook, and everyone is laughing at this just as much as I did. Thanks for posting!

  • What was the reply?

  • Classic! My jaw dropped even though I have seen this happen before. This guy is just plain stupid and doesn’t know what he is talking about. But some other instances I have seen are alarming. For example, a blogger mailed another blogger asking him to not quote from her blog or she will sue him. Amazing but true.

  • People never cease to amaze me.. LOL!

  • Hello, really funny that smart. However it would be convenient if you dress up your contacts

  • Holy smokes! You gotta be kidding me. Hahaha. This story will even be great if there’s a real *case filed*. news of the century! haha