Plug Your Place of Worship on eCompliments


So maybe I’m a little obsessed with social media lately. Bear with me. Why? Because I’m not alone. Even places of worship are getting into this particular form of digital marketing. Churches, mosques, and synagogues no longer have a choice about whether they have an online presence. If they want new members, they need to reach out. More and more, that includes taking advantage of online review site such as eCompliments, Yelp!, CitySearch, and others.

According to eCompliments, a recent Nielsen study showed that 90% of American’s look to personal referrals and 70% trust online review opinions when making consumer decisions. And deep convictions aside, choosing a church is a consumer decision.

“We offer a central depository for testimonials, references and compliments. We help empower local places of worship to be more relevant in the lives of their current members while simultaneously reaching new people in their community,” says Trey Tipton, VP of Operations for eCompliments. “It’s an easy, non-obtrusive way for people to tell others about your place of worship. If properly utilized it can dramatically and immediately increase the word-of-mouth,” adds Tipton.

Profiles on eCompliments can be customized with pictures, service times, upcoming activities, and other up to date information. The cultural and philosophical nature of that place of worship can be shared. Content can be updated easily and often. PDF files of bulletins, programs, or anything else can be uploaded.

The company says review sites can be an effective outreach tool. Members can post why other people, especially those new to the area, should visit a local center. Sites like eCompliments give members a proactive tool for sharing the good about their local place of worship with others.

I wish the nice ladies who come to my door with cookies would use eCompliments instead.

Image Credit: clagnut, Flickr