Politically Correct Pepsi

Who said PC was dead?

Any guesses where this photo was taken?

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  • Carolus

    Maybe the person has seen the person loading the machine. How dare someone write a note, mind your own business.

  • Arthur Dent

    …Pepsi could be delivered by a lesbian, I guess.

  • CRAZY!!!

  • Quinlath Noturas

    pppfffffffff Wah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Sound like that pepsi delivery PERSON is frustrated with how there life turned out.

  • Are there pepsi delivery women?

  • jsdd

    English doesn’t have a gender free pronoun, get over it. or maybe the note-writer had actually seen the pepsi man stocking the machine and the counter note writer is just pretentious as all hell?

  • Argyle

    Can women be sexist too? Maybe the original note was left by a woman and the woman Pepsi delivery person is calling another woman a sexist. Is does say “All My Love”. I don’t think a man would write that.

  • I hope a pepsi machine falls on whoever wrote the yellow note.

  • Brendan

    Where was it taken?

  • NeoMatrixj2

    The front of a pepsi vending machine. What looks like an O is the right side of a P and you can barely see the I just under the left edge of the orange note.

  • Dre

    wow… stupid effin’ broad…

  • gLEN

    Uh-oh. Angry lesbian!

  • Rob

    There are some Pepsi delivery women…and the one that delivered where I use to work was HOT!!! When she first showed up I thought some one hired some “birthday entertainment” the way she was dressed…super tight shorts and a shirt that was straining to contain the contents within…

  • what?

    Since when is “man” a pronoun?

  • Dave

    Yes, because I repeatedly see women in jobs involving repeated heaving of heavy loads and much sweating.

    Wait, no I don’t, despite the propaganda films I was shown as a small kid. We’re NOT the same thing.

  • MeeMeesiko

    Obviously this is a joke.

    But some woman have to stop taking themselves so seriously. I’m a man, so maybe I’m prejudiced. But if you literally take the time to point out something so completely insignificant just in order to make a feeble point, you have too much time on your hands. Women have the same exact rights as men, and in many job situations, are hired over the men. You are just as equal as us. This is not the 1920’s.

    That being said, I fell off my chair laughing at this.

  • Giving the first note-writer the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she has seen a MAN deliver Pepsi to that very machine! (or a person whom she assumes is a man, based on appearances, mannerisms, and/or vocal characteristics) Perhaps they may even have exchanged furtive glances.

  • J

    Dear Sexist Dre-

    How dare you assume that the yellow post-it writer was a broad? A man could write the note just as… wait… no, it was most definitely an effin’ broad.

  • groovy

    See? That’s why they didn’t ever want women to be educated! They waste their writing skills posting meaningless drivel when they could be cooking or cleaning something!

  • Yoda….

    Ok, I personally think that it’s unlikely that a guy would write “dear mr Pepsi Man”, and “all my love and appreciation”… Generally we write “yo, dude – how about a…”… My guess is that the original orange note was written by a woman. I would (in my own sexist way; or is that simply examining statistics? or are statistics sexist nowadays?) guess that the yellow note writer is female. So we have a female ragging on another female for guessing (based on statistics) that the pepsi deliverer is a guy…

  • Rick

    Also, not the Pepsi logo.

  • Rick


  • Max

    could be an intersex. none of you considered the pepsi hermaphrodite!