Powerball Winner At Large – What Would You Do?


Who won the $259.9 million Powerball jackpot? The winner of the record prize has not yet come forward. The AP reports:

The single winning ticket for Wednesday’s drawing was sold at a gas station and convenience store next to a Wal-Mart in Columbia, but no one had come forward to claim the prize by Thursday afternoon. Lottery officials said the ticket matched all the winning numbers for the mid-week drawing: 14, 24, 31, 43 and 51. The Powerball was 27 and the multiplier was 5.

The Powerball jackpot is the largest ever won with a ticket bought in South Carolina, which has the nation’s fourth-highest state unemployment rate. Lottery officials said there’s a good chance the winner could live in the state.

People shuffling in and out of the store where the ticket was sold was also optimistic. Some called relatives from their cell phones to see if they had the winning ticket. Others, like 60-year-old retired mall worker Laura Myers, concluded that they’d better start playing.

“I come here all the time,” said Myers, who bought gas and a ticket Thursday. “It could have been me.”

Lottery officials hope the winner will come forward within the required 180 days. If not, the money will be divided among the states that operate Powerball.

So, I’m curious – what would you do right now if you were the winner? I know¬†it’s an old game, but it’s fun to play and can reveal a lot about yourself if you take some time to think about:

  • how you’d spend your time if money were truly not a challenge, and
  • how you’d use such a large sum of money to do good in the world

You don’t have to be a Powerball winner to make the most of your life.

So, what would you do? And how can you feel like a million without winning the lottery?

Image Credit: St_A_sh, Flickr