Powerball Winner At Large – What Would You Do?


Who won the $259.9 million Powerball jackpot? The winner of the record prize has not yet come forward. The AP reports:

The single winning ticket for Wednesday’s drawing was sold at a gas station and convenience store next to a Wal-Mart in Columbia, but no one had come forward to claim the prize by Thursday afternoon. Lottery officials said the ticket matched all the winning numbers for the mid-week drawing: 14, 24, 31, 43 and 51. The Powerball was 27 and the multiplier was 5.

The Powerball jackpot is the largest ever won with a ticket bought in South Carolina, which has the nation’s fourth-highest state unemployment rate. Lottery officials said there’s a good chance the winner could live in the state.

People shuffling in and out of the store where the ticket was sold was also optimistic. Some called relatives from their cell phones to see if they had the winning ticket. Others, like 60-year-old retired mall worker Laura Myers, concluded that they’d better start playing.

“I come here all the time,” said Myers, who bought gas and a ticket Thursday. “It could have been me.”

Lottery officials hope the winner will come forward within the required 180 days. If not, the money will be divided among the states that operate Powerball.

So, I’m curious – what would you do right now if you were the winner? I know it’s an old game, but it’s fun to play and can reveal a lot about yourself if you take some time to think about:

  • how you’d spend your time if money were truly not a challenge, and
  • how you’d use such a large sum of money to do good in the world
How to Boost Your Confidence at Work to Get Ahead

You don’t have to be a Powerball winner to make the most of your life.

So, what would you do? And how can you feel like a million without winning the lottery?

Image Credit: St_A_sh, Flickr

  • John

    What’s up with lottery stories? It’s been less than 24 hours and this report makes it sound like the winner is about to miss the claim window. Maybe the winner is being smart and setting up a sound financial structure, first. I remember a case recently where the winner hired a lawyer to collect it for him to preserve anonymity.

  • james

    I would take about 5-7 days to decide how I was going to get atleast half put away the moment I got it. Of course I read a bunch of financial advice the other day hoping to win.lol… I would try to find the best financial advisors in my area and do what one of the previous recent winners did and try to make it into a billion. I mean why wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t want to win and then be broke buying everyone stuff. Of course my parents my wifes parents, and her siblings wouldn’t have to worry again. I want to open up a few businesses and I would just see winning the powerball as a headstart and getting rid of loans that wouldn’t be needed so I dont have to go bank to bank. But I agree its only been one day and everyone is like why didn’t they come forward? only idiots go get the prize right away so they can blow it on some bs.

  • james

    Sorry about my bad punctuation.

  • JC

    I figure the final amount the winer will receive, after taxes, will be about $85 million…wow! I would take care of all my relatives somehow – although that would be hard since IRS regulations make it hard to give money to people without penalties on them…so I’d probably buy them houses and cars and pay off their debt. That would probably leave me with $80 million – not bad! From there I’d take half and invest in modern “tax shelters” and I’d donate a few million to charities and to my alma maters. Then it’s a few houses, lots of cars and lots of vacations! I mean, $85 million, with half invested, will last a lifetime!! Good luck to you all!

  • diane

    Whoever it is -probly in shock !!!
    I like the idea of having a lawyer pick it up for me, not that i trust lawyers that much – i think i’d hire my best friend to go down for me. Lunch on me of course. (lol)

  • Dr. Woo

    I’ve heard that many people claim their winnings in the name of a family trust. Not because they will pay less lump sum tax on the winnings, but because the interest on the winnings will be taxed more favorably.

  • Certainly it’s wise to make some plans before claiming the winnings. And isn’t it fun to speculate?

  • health-is-wealth

    I would spend every cent to get my health back so I could go back to complaining about things that don’t matter.

  • david

    i would probably collect it, deposit it and go back to my daily life. maybe stop working at my job and start taking better care of myself and my loved ones.

  • Boggy

    I’d pay off my debts, set up my family, put aside a nice retirement fund, then blow the rest.

  • Brad

    I’d send copies of my W-2’s to EVERY girl who wouldn’t go out with me in high school!!!!