Psychology of a Market Cycle

This is a guest post by Wall St. Cheat Sheet’s Damien Hoffman.

There is a lot of doomsday talk these days. Rightfully so. There are a lot of illnesses in economy.

However, unlike the credit freeze and market freefall in 2008, governments are actively backstopping key markets (e.g., Mortgage Backed Securities) while ensuring a more liquid credit industry. Moreover, corporations are starting to increase topline revenues after rapidly cutting costs since the recession began.

Are we stuck in a psychological inertia negativity classically representative of a mature recession? Is the sovereign debt crisis about to ignite another dip into Hades? Or, are we at the top of the first inning of a bland yet real recovery?

In the chart below “Psychology of a Market Cycle“, are we at the stage of disbelief? Are we still in the anger phase? Or, are we somewhere else entirely?

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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