Publishing To Get a Bump


Publishing experts preoldict that the week of September 14th could be a historic week in the publishing industry. Boosting sales will be Oprah’s book club pick #63, the debut of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symboland the publication of Ted Kennedy’s memoir, True Compass.

Oprah Winfrey tweeted this on Monday:

Hey all you BookClubbers. Tune in Friday, September 18th to find out what my new book club pick is–never made a selection like “this”

And the Winner Is….

Based on that “mysterious” Tweet, Oprah’s history, and a quick Amazon search, I’m predicting the she’ll announce This, by Sri H.W.L. Poonja as her next Book Club winner pick. Why This? Her cute Tweet was an easy clue, and the first pages of This on Amazon are all about the self and its nothingness and everythingness and how we’ll all return to the everything and the nothing – the THIS – eventually. It reminded me of a recent program on Discovery that tried to explain how the universe is actually made up of more nothing than something. It also reminded me of another of Oprah’s picks, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.

I could be wrong, but just as with the lottery, it’s fun to speculate.

More Good News For Books

As if Oprah, Brown, and Kennedy weren’t enough, the President of the United States is contributing to book sales as well. It seems the publishing lobby got to the Obama administration. How else can we account for headlines about Obama’s vacation reading? The list includes:

I guess it helps to have Secret Service agents to carry your books. And entertain your kids while you soak up the rays and relax with a few good books.

Do your part for the economy – buy a book.

Image Credit: sapphireblue, Flickr