Quantitative Strategy

This is a trend I think will accelerate in the future.

Every year at annual retreats across the country, firm's executives get together to plan their strategies for improving the bottom line. For years, there were set patterns that nearly all companies followed for improving the bottom line, introducing new products and following the latest trends. But now, that kind of strategic tactic has gone the way of the dinosaur, according to new research by a business professor at Washington University in St. Louis, and with good reason, too…

…"The smartest business decisions today are being driven by quantifiable data, and are modeled to specific challenges." MacDonald says. "The one-size-fits-all approach to performance enhancement has been supplanted by detailed, scientific analysis of organizational challenges."

The article doesn't give specifics about the quantitative models mentioned in the article, but I think in general, business decisions will become more and more quantifiable in coming decades. Fewer "gut instincts" and more rational decision making processes should mean fewer mis-steps, and will result in overall economic improvement for corporate America.