Racial Diversity

John Lemon has an interesting post about racial quotas on college campuses. He makes a point that I think is often overlooked:

The argument for diversity (read: racial) quotas is that racial diversity enhances education. However, I turn down the lights in my classroom when I teach so I may use computerized presentations. I have no idea what the race of my students are when they are sitting there and even when they speak. And I don't care. What is really imporant is to have some debate among alternative hypotheses (ideas). The diversity backers argue that diversity of ideas will come from racial diversity. But this presupposes that race is highly correlated with certain types of ideas. In other words, all people of one racial group tend to think in one particular manner that cannot be understood by another racial group.

It sounds as if these people supporting diversity must be racist to think that race (as opposed to geographic location or socioeconomic status) is a primary factor in how one thinks. They are glorifying the very differences they deny exist. I guess John is right…like fish in a barrel.

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