Racing in the Heat

Sorry for the lack of posts late yesterday and this morning, but I went to Orlando last night for a 5K. There were 5400 runners. I am faster than most, usually finishing between 19 and 21 minutes depending on my recent training. This race was awful. It took me 1:10 just to get to the starting line, and it wasn't chip timed, so my official time was like 23 something. I don't understand why people have such a poor concept of where they should line up with respect to everyone else. I don't push to the very front because I don't run 5 minute miles. But I guess other people don't care. I was 2 miles into the race before I got to the people running my pace. Plus, it was 90 degrees, which is not ideal running weather. The race was at 6:45pm, so we grabbed some dinner afterwards, and I didn't get home until 11. Then in the middle of the night my dinner came back up, so I slept in this morning.

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