Raser Technologies Revamps the Hummer

Photo: Engadget

Raser Technologies (RZ) rang the NYSE opening bell this morning. The company is best known for its electric Hummer H3, a 100 mpg Hummer. From Engadget:

Raser partnered up with FEV to turn the famously non-environmentally sound gas guzzler around. The prototype boasts an E-REV power train engine, and three lithium ion battery packs under the rear of the vehicle. The batteries provide enough juice for about 40 miles, when the range extender starts up, providing an additional 400 miles — averaging about 100 MPG — before it needs to be plugged in again. The company is looking to start up low volume production by 2011, though there is no word on possible pricing at this time.

Who said the green movement meant removing the ultimate symbol of American consumerism from the road? I’d like to know if GM is on board with this.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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