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There is a new blog called "The Audit" that addresses issues in the media. What kind of issues? Well, take this post for example, criticizing a survey in the WSJ.

Also like BusinessWeek, the Journal does not shy away from converting seemingly insignificant survey results into grand conclusions. Many of these are just plain weird. For example, eight economists out of 56 believe that a possible Fed slip-up is the biggest cloud hanging over the economy. This means that 48 economists think otherwise. But that's fewer than the 15 economists who think that a crash in the housing market is the most worrisome possibility. Therefore, the Journal concludes, "The survey identified a potential monetary-policy mistake as the second-biggest cloud overhanging the economy."

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  1. laurence haughton's Gravatar Comment by laurence haughton on January 5th, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    Changes at the top of the WSJ signal broader changes in the product. I wonder which way they will go?

    On a side note I didn’t know the publisher was married to the boss at Dow Jones. Not that there’s anything (necessarily) wrong with that.

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