Reality TV Business

The reality tv business is all about the business of handling lawsuits. It's a copycat industry to a large extent, and the competition is heating up.

In such a world the big boys, like Messrs Fuller and Burnett, can look after themselves. So, too, the networks, always ready to play hardball with each other. Fox, for example, copied ABC's "Wife Swap" (bought from a British idea)—but launched "Trading Spouses" in July, a profitable summer ahead of its rival's debut on September 29th. The networks know that in the absence of a script the law is imprecise and that any adverse judgment (of which there seems so far to have been none) would, in any case, come after any profits.

Maybe someone will do a reality show about making a reality show. Then I can file my own lawsuit for generating the idea! Actually, once people realized how scripted and edited they are, they might go out of style.

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