Referrals for Your Business

When I ran my own small business, one of the things we were constantly tinkering with was our referral program. What should we offer? How do we properly incentivize people to participate? I've been trading emails with a guy about a new company and it sounds interesting enough that I thought I should point it out to you. It is called TellaPal, and it aims to make referrals simple.

Tell-A-Pal is a trusted referral system based on a simple premise: If you are a service oriented business or professional, your greatest source of new customers are your existing customers. So why not reward your existing customers for referring new customers? It makes sense. Tell-A-Pal makes it easy.

So if you have a service oriented business, check it out – particularly if a referral program is something you need.

  • Hi Rob,

    It is a good idea, but a bad opportunity. In my opinion, it makes sense to reward your customers who frequenty refer business your way; however, I think this is already happening.

    The pRoblem here is establishing the “customer pain.” I don’t think there is much if any… Good networkers traditionally get treated better at the businesses they refer to. i.e. a Bank will charge lower loan fees to a customer that refers business to it,and a retail store may give loyal customers and referrers discounts on purchases.

    Also how many times have you gone through such a formal system to refer a pal to a store/service you liked. What was the conversation like? I bet it was either in passing or brief sales pitch if anything.

    Just some thoughts…