Reflections on Business Blogging

When I started this site in March 2003, there wasn't much in the business blogosphere. I wasn't aware of any business blogs but there may have been a couple around. I know there were a few econ blogs already. My intent was to offer links and a bit of commentary on interesting things going on in the world of business news. As the blogosphere has grown two things have happened. 1)The good/interesting stuff has grown. 2)The junk to wade through has grown. As a result, I feel like I've hit the upper limit of my bandwidth when it comes to monitoring websites. I watch over 200 RSS feeds, and I'm constantly solicited by new blogs that want me to check them out and link to them. Some of them are really good. At the same time, I am finding more things than ever that I want to link to, but I don't want to post 10 things a day because I assume most of you are like me and drop blogs from your feeds if they post that much.

So what I plan to do is scale back. I think my biggest contribution to the blogsphere at this point is to write more original, educational, analytical, in-depth stuff. I'll still link to some stuff I find interesting, but I'm raising the bar on those kind of posts. It will problemably take a few weeks for me to get the new pattern down, but I plan to post the rest of the links I find at Jotzel, and let the readers vote on whether or not they get published. (If you register you can view the unpublished article queue). I also think it's a better way to direct people to the best stuff in the business blogosphere, and the places where the good conversations are taking place.

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Anyway, with a lot on my plate these days I am required to make some tough decisions about what is most important, how and where I can have the most impact, and things like that. Believe or not I do have some interests and goals outside of business, like the fact that I am training to set a new personal best in the Kentucky Derby mini-marathon (13.1 miles), and that I really want to get back to studying more neuroscience and A.I. because they are two fields that I believe will affect the future in dramatic ways. So if you see the posting rate here slow down some, those are the reasons for it.