Remember Clothing Store Limited Too? It’s Reopening With 200 Stores

Limited Too Returning To Stores

In the 1990s, tween girls flocked to Limited Too and now a new generation of tweens will be able to shop at the chain once again.

According to Business Insider, Bluestar Alliance has purchased the naming rights to the formerly popular clothing retailer. Limited Too was best known for its bright clothing and glittery accessories.

The new Limited Too stores will begin rolling out in Fall 2016. Bluestar hopes to launch 200 stores, a far cry from the chains original 600 locations.

In 2006 the company changed its name to “Tween Brands” and then in 2008 it folded after the recession caused a steep decline in clothing sales. Some of Limited Too’s stores were branded as “Justice” which still exists to this day.

The stores once successful catalog business will not make its triumphant return.