Review: HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Print/Fax/Scan/Copier


HP sent us an Officejet Pro 8500 all-in-one wireless printer to review. We tested it with small- and home-based businesses in mind.

The Officejet Pro Wireless includes a printer, fax machine, copier, scanner, business graphic software, and photo processor. You operate it through a wireless connection or via a full-color touch screen on the device. It comes with a 250-sheet input tray, touchscreen color display, and two-sided print/fax/scan/copying.

HP lists specs here.

Order an Officejet Pro 8500 here.

Overall, the printer performs well. HP advertises it as an eco-friendly, cost-saving device that produces business graphics comparable to a laser printer. It lives up to this claim, with a few caveats.


Prints professional-looking documents
Wireless connectivity
Intuitive controls and interface
Double-sided printing
All-in-one device
Green paper- and power-saving features
Quality compares to a laser printer
Comes with helpful software
Cost- and energy-efficient
Powerful enough for a business
Full set of features


Some software quirks
Slower than a laser printer
Too slow for big print jobs



The printer is easy to put together. It comes with ink cartridges, print heads, an installation CD, manuals, and a phone cable. The power supply jutting out the back of the printer and the paper tray in front make the printer take up a fair bit of space. The printer needs to be placed on a solid surface, otherwise it shakes.

Installation needs to be done both on the printer’s touchscreen and on a desktop. The machine’s software package requires an impressive 420 mb of space. You can reduce this amount by uninstalling some of the default programs that you don’t need.

Installation and calibration took us about half an hour.


One of the machine’s perks is the software that comes with it. The HP Solutions Center is the most useful program in the package. It displays a control panel for operating the printer, fax, copier, and scanner. The interface also displays cartridge ink levels and the printer’s status. It allows you to change settings and troubleshoot the device in one place. User can forward documents to network folders, a nice organizational shortcut. Shop for cartridges from here, see special offers and tips.

The In-House Marketing button takes you to HP’s online Creative Studio, a marketing resource. You’ll find customizable marketing material templates here (for business cards, startup packages, brochures, posters, blogs, websites, logos, and more). Some designs are free, and they look professional.

Combined with the Creative Studio, the printer enables small business owners to design, customize, and print marketing materials, which saves a trip to the professional printer. It’s a valuable resource.

The HP Document Manager is also handy. It allows you to edit and annotate documents, attach them to emails, convert them into editable text, organize faxes/scans/desktop documents, and more. It’s a time-saving way to manage all the documents you want to involve with your HP all-in-one.

HP Photosmart Essential allows you to edit, organize, share, manage, and print photos. You can drag and drop to print photos, which is nice, but otherwise, Photosmart is comparable to other free photo software on the market.

HP’s default installation also comes with a couple of useless programs, like Shop for HP Supplies (which links you to the product sales page on HP’s website) and the HP Customer Participation Program. These programs need to be uninstalled so that they don’t eat up memory.


Default (normal) resolution produces high-quality documents. Business cards, flyers, and standard business documents look professional at this setting. You can adjust a document’s properties through the Printing Shortcuts menu, a useful interface offering one-click brochure, two-sided, fast/economical, and other print settings.

The printer operates quickly on one-sided and black-and-white documents. Color printing is fast and good. But the machine prints double-sided color documents slowly. It prints one side, lets the ink dry, sucks paper back up, then prints the other side. The quality is excellent, but, due to slowness, may not be practical for large print jobs.

If you use photos in your posters and brochures, they may need tweaking before looking good in the printer. There’s no easy way to print a double-sided, full bleed brochure on the device. Once you print one brochure, you can duplicate it more quickly through the color copier than by printing.

HP designed the ink pigment to be water-resistant. It produces bold colors that work well for business graphic use. Most documents will look professional on this printer.

It is louder than a laser printer. The biggest paper size you can print is 8.5” x 11.” On the upside, the 250-sheet paper tray gives you plenty of time between paper replacements.
You can print photos directly from a USB stick or memory card (CF, MMC, SD, XD, MS/DUO).


The copier has a 50-sheet feeder on top. Copies come out quickly, with excellent quality. Two-sided color copies take longest to produce.


The fax machine has a couple of neat features. One, it lets you block junk fax phone numbers. Secondly, it allows you to send copies of faxes to a network folders instead of printing them on paper, which allows you to save paper. It also has a 125-page memory.


Scans show up instantly on your computer screen. You can scan either through the flatbed or ADF (automatic document feeder). Scan quality is very good. It’s not optimal for high-resolution work, eg. with hi-res photos, but is good for everyday use. Like faxes, scans can be filed into network folders. The ADF makes multipage scans easy to execute.


Upload photos directly to the printer through built-in card readers that take all the standard memory cards and USB. There’s also a PictBridge slot through which you can connect your camera directly.

You can crop and adjust color/contrast using the touch screen. The Photosmart software gives you additional photo editing options.

The machine prints good quality photos. If you want excellent quality, try using the printer with HP paper and ink designed specifically for printing photos.

Additional Remarks

Its strong wireless system helps the printer communicate well from different rooms. It is easy to control jobs remotely. The printer takes about two minutes to check and clean itself whenever you power it on. Every time you activate it, the printer informs every computer on the network of its status, which is annoying for people not involved with the print job. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Cost Savings

The HP 8500 saves money in several ways:

– It’s EnergyStar rated. One way it saves energy costs is by sleeping when not in use, then activating again when given a print job or by pressing the touch screen.
– It offers comparable quality to a laser printer, for a lower cost. Note that the quality is comparable, not identical, and that speed suffers in the 8500.
– Color cartridges can be replaced individually. HP also offers XL and combo ink packs that lower cost/page.
– It does small to medium-sized print jobs well, saving a potentially expensive trip to the professional printer.
– It saves you from using and maintaining three separate machines.
– A green perk: Send in cartridges for HP to recycle for free.

Final verdict: The HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Wireless is worth the price. Order one here.

HP has arranged a special offer for our readers to save 20% ($80) on the new HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One. Go here for the coupon code and terms and conditions. Visit here for more product information.

  • Do you know how to scan a two-sided original from the ADF?

  • Anders Hamilton

    Hi Steven… I just ran into the same problem and could not quickly find a solution. If you come up with one, I hope you post it here. Anders

  • Wesley Chapman


    I purchased an HP 7590 which the 8500 replaced. After having many problems with the doc feeder I decided to upgrade to the 8500. The 8500 is a little smaller and a little more quite. I never could get the “print to fax” working on the 7590 and now that I have the 8500 no luck either. I was on the phone with IT last night for over 3 hours and they still couldn’t figure it out (can’t they find someone that speaks clear english). My main issue with this combo is that there does’nt seem to be an option to fax 2 sided or 2 sided with cover faxes. I had that option on the 7590 and it came in handy. I was able to save a lot of paper that way. Not as much as the print to fax option but still. Am I missing something here?

  • Anders, I opened a case with tech support. They confirmed that this functionality is not available. However, I reached a satisfactory solution by using a feature in Adobe Acrobat. I choose Custom Scan and tell it to scan both sides. It scans all of the fronts, then I flip the papers over and it scans all the backs and puts them in the proper order. Not quite as convenient as having the scanner flip the page over itself, but it works. HTH.

  • B Hutchings

    I purchased the HP Officejet Pro 8500 in April. The software slowed my computer to a standstill. I ended up haveing to put in on the server and atleast my computer runs faster without it hooked up directly. The major problem is that the printer keeps losing connection with the server. Tey to get ahold of HP…impossible. I want to return this POS. Worst printer that I have EVER had. The customer service from HP is also non-existant!

  • Sebastian Egner

    Steven, thanks for finding out that the 8500 does not scan two-sided.

    A comment on the Adobe Acrobat workaround: For people like me who do not have any intention of spending $1k on the Acrobat, there is a free alternative from for splitting and merging PDF docs. I frequently use it to merge/reshuffle pages when the ADF has skipped a page (in about 50% of the scan jobs).


    I am using the HP officejet 8500, and I’ve struggled with the document feeder when scanning. I find that I’m missing pages even though I see it take each page individually. With the older model I was able to scan multiple pages on from the glass, but with this model, you can’t. It’s been very disappointing so far.

  • Michel


    yesterday I have asked the question wrt 2 sided scan capabilities and I was told this is possible … Could it be that the 8500 Wireless is doing it while the standard 8500 (no WiFi, no touch screen) does not do it ?
    Actually there are 3 different models of AIO 8500: normal, wireless, premium.


  • Michel


    I have bought a 8500 Wireless (A909g) and it does support automatic duplex scan. The only caveat is that the PDF generated is not very well optimized so if you want to save disk space you have to process the PDF through a software like Adobe for example. You may gain a factor 5-10x depending on the nature of the page.


  • Bob B

    We just got the HP Officejet PRO 8500 Wireless. It is noisy and does take up a lot of desk space. Everything works fine, except one very annoying problem. When you send a print job to the printer, almost everytime after a few pages print the machine will detect an “out of paper” condition (even though there is plenty of paper in the tray). Anyone else see this behavior, or have a workaround?

  • Michel

    Hi Bob B.

    No, I am not seeing this issue of “out of paper” with my machine. I am running windows XP with all the updates done regularly.
    Regarding the noise it’s not that bad. When the printer is inactive, I cannot hear anynoise. It goes in standby mode automatically which is nice.


  • george

    I can’t seem to print black on a simple document. Everything loaded correctly when setting up the system. All the other colors print OK during the print test phase. But the Black just does not want to print. Help, its frustrating.

  • michel

    I loaded my new hp8500 on my hp pavilion xt9643. I can only get one page and a bunch of blank print from multi page docs. very frustrating. updated drivers xphome sp2. Not working

  • John

    We have the same problem as Bob: We just got the HP Officejet PRO 8500 Wireless. Everything works fine, except one very annoying problem. When you send a print job to the printer, almost everytime after a few pages print the machine will detect an “out of paper” condition (even though there is plenty of paper in the tray).

  • I am very disappointed in the 8500 Premiere. First there is no fax cover page software, wow, can you believe this on the top of the line officejet? We had this software on the HP Officejet 7410. Second I can’t get the scanner to work on two of our four laptops. I am running XP Pro SP3 on all machines with all known updates. Spent hours with support uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, rebooted, powered up, powered down, nothing worked. I keep asking for level 2 support but I can’t get past the first level. Two hour long chat sessions and it still does not work?

    I am diappointed with Technical Support and this model of the officejet.

  • Michel


    can you print from these two machines that do not work for scan ?
    I would check your firewall(s). I took me some time as my firewall was actualy making its job …

    Let’s say your PC is at and your office jet then you should allow spoolsv.exe from all @ to run to with no restriction.
    Also you should allow all programs from to
    And the other way round, all programs from to

    The best is to allow these rules for the computers connected directly to your router. This is the way I have configured by firewall (bitDefender, windows firewall is not activated on my PC)

    To help me I tracked the firewall activity by asking an extended report. This way I could figure out which rule was preventing my officeJet to work OK, as the refused connections were logged in this file, pointing at the rule blocking the transaction.

    Good luck.

  • Suzy

    I have the same “out of paper” error constantly!! Other than that, I am pleased with the machine. Any advise on the paper issue?

  • Michel

    I think I got this “out of paper” once. Actually the machine could not grab a sheet. So I took the pile and I flexed it such a way that the sheets don’t stick to each other.

    I hope you see what I mean.

    This is probably the problem you are also having.


  • Suzy

    Thanks Michel, but I have always fanned or “flexed” the paper – no difference. The only thing I can think of is to change the weight of the paper or return it as a defective machine.

  • Sue

    I am on my 2nd machine. The 1st one was sent back because of the out of paper issue. The replacement is doing the same thing. I am very frustrated at this point and will probably return again for a different model or possibly make. The problem is it says out of paper when it is not out of paper. The roller arm does not lower to grab the paper. Since so many people are having this same problem it should be known by their techs but supposedly they know nothing about it. With the 1st machine I spent about 3 hours on the phone with a foreigner and I refuse to go through that again.

  • Mark

    I have the “out of paper” problem with my new 8500. Very Frustrating!I’ve tried every step online support suggests. I want to avoid speaking w/ IT difficult-to-understand-foreigners. Anyone have a solution for this issue yet?

  • Sue

    Yes Mark, my suggestion is return the machine and get something else. That is what I ended up doing. I bought a Canon and I am very happy with it. Do not waste your time with tech support…they are of no use. This is obviously a defect with this particular machine.

  • Bob

    Hi Mark,
    I had to return my 8500 to HP because the little window on the printer became distorted (I don’t think anyone else has mentioned that problem). In addition, I was also one of the people who complained about the “out of paper” issue. I also had that going on with my 8500. I returned the printer courtesy of HP and they gave me a replacement. So far, the window is fine, and I haven’t gotten the false message regarding “out of paper”. A completely different machine (or going to a different manufacturer) might be the only way to solve the problem you are having. Thanks/Bob

  • Mark

    Thanks Bob and Sue, I was able to get a solution to the “out of paper issue” through online chat with IT. For now, it works. Unfortunately, I had not yet discovered, but did later that afternoon that pdf’s won’t print… Any solutions? Or, guess I’m back to IT and/or return it.

  • Diane

    Mark, you say you were able to get a solution to the “out of paper issue” through a chat with IT. Would you care to share that solution with us. I am a couple of steps short of throwing this 8500 out of a second floor window!

  • Mark Holmes

    Diane, here’s the instruction from IT chat session. I’m not sure it will work for everyone as it may change requisite to your set up? I run XP…..
    Anony : Click on start > all programs > hp > hp solution center
    Anony : Under hp solution center, Click on settings > printer settings >
    Anony : Click on ‘printing shortcuts’ tab.
    Anony : Under the ‘paper sizes’ select letter.
    Anony : Under paper type select ‘automatic’. (NOTE: mine didn’t show automatic just select normal or HP brite)
    Anony : Click on Ok.
    Anony : Try printing a two page document from microsoft word. (NOTE: it worked)
    Anony : Click on start > printers and faxes
    Anony : Right click on the printer icon ‘officejet pro 8500 series’ > select properties.
    Anony : Click on the tab ‘advanced’.
    Anony : Select ‘print directly to the printer’ > click on apply > ok.
    Anony : Select ‘print directly to the printer’ > click on apply > ok.
    NOTE: my tests printed fine, still printing fine a day after.
    Hope this helps, if not, your best bet may be to engage in a chat with tech. -Mark

  • John

    I am considering the 8500. Is anyone familiar with the C336A. I understand that it has better photo abilities. Any omments on one over the other excluding the photo options.

  • Lily

    I have a HP 8500 all in one wireless, my scan to preview function is missing and I am not refering to the PDF to preview. Anyone can help me restore the scan to preview. thank

  • Steve Hume

    Works well.
    Impressed overall.
    One problem I can’t solve is the ‘scan direct to email’ It scans my document then says ‘ server failure’ try again later.
    Otherwise wireless connectivity excellent, simple to set up.
    Any help much appreciated.

  • Michel

    I have no issue sending emails after scaning … Are you sure your setting is correct regarding the email address and the smtp server ? This can be configured through the web interface. Just type your 8500 IP adress in the address bar of your web browser.

  • Rhonda

    I got the HP Officejet Pro 8500 about two weeks ago and I keep getting this blue screen when I try to print. It says:
    “Run the driver verifier against any new or (suspect) drivers. If that doesn’t reveil the corupting driver, try enabling special pool. Both of these features are intended to catch the corruption at an early point where the offending driver can be identified.”
    I have to restart my computer each time this blue screen appears.
    Any suggestions?

  • Mike Cruz

    anyone know how to get rid of the issue for having a blank page in between in each fax sheet that comes through!?!?!

  • Paul

    I have the same out of paper problem, happens almost every print job. The printer is networked and it happens regardless of computer or operating system it is printing from. This tells me it is a hardware defect and not a software/setup issue. If it were not for this issue I would be very happy with the printer as I love all the features, unfortunately this very annoying glitch is a deal breaker and I am in the process of attempting to get a refund from HP.

  • CW

    I am a big fan of HP printers, but this has to be one of the most problem-filled devices they’ve ever put their name on. I’m constantly getting “the following printhead has a problem” (i.e. both of them simultaneously), “out of paper” (because the intake roller can’t grab a sheet), and there’s constant network chatter on the networked computer that has the initial progs installed. Some of these are typical of printers that are a year or older, but I bought this 2 days ago and this is the first day of normal use. I think HP needs to stay out of the AIO market and concentrate on their strength: stand alone printers. I’ll be taking this back tomorrow.

  • Brian

    I was told to buy an HP Officejet Pro 8500 instead of a laser. Well it’s not as quick as described; it does scan in 3 seconds/page but then takes another 6 to feed the next. Once complete it than takes a few more sec’s per page before displaying on the computer.

    And here is where the real problem lay’s… Scan to blk/wht pdf to file on desktop and it turns a 8.5 x 11″ paper and turns it into a 36 x 45″!! Of course I could reduce to print page by why should I have to. It should go from 100% – 100%. -Spent hours with tech and after 2 numbskulls 1 nice person tried everything in the book but couldn’t find a solution. It’s going back to the store!
    any suggestions on a device that document scans and prints QUICKLY, color is seldom used but would be nice to have.

  • HW

    I purchased the Officejet 8500 Wireless A909a last week, and tried to install the drivers ever since. I have spent countless hours with tech support, via email, since the online chat only yields an error. I keep getting the same replies over and over, suggesting more things to change down in the registry. I have spent way too much time on this issue. I am ready to take it back. I can’t load either operating system, xp or vista machines.

  • Kimberly

    I am not having any problems other than with one software program. I contacted the tech for the program and it is nothing on their end. For some reason the printer is blocking the report progress on this software to be viewed or printed… any suggestions? I’ve unistalled and reinstalled this printer 5 times, unblocked firewall, and can’t think of what else to do. The program works fine with any other printer but this one.

  • HW

    Well, I did take it back. Had had enough anxiety attacks, waking in the middle of the night and tears for any one printer. I, instead, purchased an Epson Artisan 810. Within 45 minutes it was installed on the network and working. So far, I’ve put it through it’s paces, and with just a few exceptions, it has worked like a champ. The kool thing.. I can print on cds and dvds!

  • glkelley

    Have had the printer for a couple months. At first, it was a dream. Then I made the mistake of accepting an HP Update…ever since I can’t keep the printer on the wired or wireless network. It appears (based on an HP support forum) the printer installation materials does not punch holes in the firewall as needed for Vista or W7. I have spent HOURS on this.

    I cannot recommend this printer.

  • Bunjy

    I have issues with the copier function on this printer. When you place a multi-page document in the ADF, it copies from the top down resulting in your copies being placed in reverse order. This is very inconvenient. In order to get copies in the correct order, I tell the printer to “Collate”; however, after collating 8 pages it stops and says that it is “out of memory”. Anyone else have this problem? Or better yet, a workaround for copies being placed in reverse order?

  • Jerry Cie

    Set-up was easy, and everything worked great except for the automatic document feeder (ADF). It simply does not sense any paper that is inserted. While I can copy and print from the single page flat glass screen, I get nothing with the ADF. I’ve talked to HP Support and they have no suggestions. Anyone else experience this problem and have a solution?


    In response to Bunjy, I have talked to 3 technicians at HP and they do not have a function to put the paper in the correct order. Their response to me was that I should feed the paper in in reverse order…makes no sense for our small business to do that. If you have noticed, the incoming faxes are printed in reverse order as well. We are returning this machine. Maybe HP will think about this with their next “All-In-One” machine.

  • Paul

    I tried to copy a sheet on the glass face and every time I get a print with 2/3s of the page black and the other 1/3 white–no text at all.

  • Loren

    This printer needs to be recalled. It is riddled with problems. I have been trying to use the auto document feeder to scan photos. All of the pics are scanned and run through the machine but roughly 20% to 30% of the photos go missing. That is when it doesn’t crash. Half the time it stops on the last two pics and requires a reboot to get them to come out of the machine. Tech support is clueless as to how to resolve the problem. They have you do cleanings, system resets on the printer itself, patch installs, lv-3 un-installs on the software and re-installs on the pc, wireless and wired hookups etc. It seems like they take a shotgun approach to repairing the problems. I will never buy a HP printer again. Now I am trying to get HP to give me a refund on this lemon. Stay away from this printer!

  • Bruce

    One of the worst printers I have ever owned. HP Tech support is no help. This thing eats ink cartriges. After two new print heads it still will not print correctly. I have spent countless hours and over 200 dollars in ink cartridges trying to get this turkey to work. It is going out on the front curb for the trash guys and I am going to go buy a LexmarkC!

  • Loren

    I fixed my 8500. Returned it to Staples and exchanged it for a Canon. Problem Solved.

  • Michel

    Let me bring some more positive waives to this forum.
    I have my printer for 6 months rouglhy. I cannot say it works 100% fine 100% of the time but overall I am happy with is. And I doubt all the AIO printer are working 100% reliability.
    I bought it because of it’s capability to scan 2xside with an automatic feeder. OK sometimes pages are going by 2 but fixing the missing pages is much faster than doing the whole job manually ! Last time I have scanned a 80 page magazine (after cutting the back of it to have free pages) and it worked pretty well! OK it took some time but during this time I was doing something else.
    As a result I have now a PDF file and could throw away the magazine.
    With the orgiginal cartrige I have been able to print 730 pages. OK, this is not the 2000 advertised but everybody knows that the theoritical number is for coverig only 5% of the page and with the documents we are printing nowadays I think we are more than 5% coverage as an average. Also this was with the cartrige delivered with the printer so maybe it was not full ?
    Would be great if you could share your numbers.

  • Miguel

    Recommended this printer to a client and they have been unable to use the printer due to the “out of paper” message– now I’m taking the blame. I am going out again to “fix” the issue with the suggestions from this and other discussion boards, but this thing will most likely be going back to HP.
    I’ll probably stick with HP– just a different model- this thing is worthless– kind of like manual-feed-printing-only mode.

  • David

    This printer sucks. It won’t print due to the out of paper error. Thanks, HP. We have a business to run here and need full scan and print capabilities, didn’t you guys test this thing first? It is terrible.

  • Steve Hume

    I keep getting all your feedback (mostly negative), and obviously for those having problems that must suck, BUT…. I do feel the need to say again this is a fantastic bit of kit. Easy, easy set-up, none of the above problems, good quality print and fabulous cartridge life (sold my Canon mp980 because it used sooooo much ink and couldn’t connect from my XP laptop just my Vista desktop).
    So once again. Just great!!!!!!


  • Paul

    Out of paper update…. An update to my comment on November 15th, 2009 at 12:00 pm. I had contacted HP and explained the situation with the out of paper error. they suggested a number of steps to take to try and correct the problem. As this did not work I contacted them again, and they sent me a new printer. The new printer works fine, going on 2 months now. Bottom line is I love the printer, the first unit had a defect, HP took responsibility, and corrected the situation. You can’t ask for more than that. Nothing in life is perfect, Any company that is willing to stand by their product and work through any problems is ok in my book. Since I posted a comment when I was not happy, I felt it only right to post one now that I am. To those of you having troubles, I suggest you keep a cool head and go through any troubleshooting steps, and If they don’t work, let them know. I expect they will do right by you and leave you satisfied when all is said and done. Best of luck!

  • Kim

    Is there a way to fax multiple numbers at the same time? I’m faxing one page to several of our accounts. But I’m tired of standing at the machine.. help?

    Please e-mail me at if you have the answer I’m looking for!

    Thank you!

  • Michel


    if you whish to send to several numbers I would suggest you scan the document to PDF and print it using Acrobat by selecting the 8500Fax as the printer. From the interface you can enter several numbers you can grab from an address book.
    Hope this helps…

  • AJ

    I have had my 8500 for one week. The ADF does not grab all the pages when i am faxing and the copies come out with a black line on them when going through the ADF. Any one had these problems or have any solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Steve

    Hi AJ
    Had the same problem with the black line when using ADF.
    Mine was easily sorted. If you lift the scanner lid up, to the left of the main glass platten there is a smaller platten. This is where the ADF scans. Mine had a small piece of dirt on the glass. Cleaned it and OK again. Fab printer.


  • Roland

    Got an 8500 WiFi based on reviews and experience with HP inkjets/MFPs & enterprise laser printers; whilst as yet I’ve no issues with the printing engine, the operational configuration does leave a lot to be desired, particularly given that this device is aimed directly at home/micro/small businesses and primarily intended to be accessed across a network:
    1) The device does not auto-sense the size of paper loaded in a tray and hence is unable to report this to the printer spooler and/or Windows users – enabling them to be warned of a paper size mismatch.
    2) The 8500 control panel provides no facilities for the manual entry of tray and loaded paper size information. Ramifications to the user are as per (1).
    3) Within the Windows XP driver software suite there are no facilities for an Admin to set a default page size for either individual trays and/or all print profiles. HP seems to have hard coded a default of ‘Letter’.
    4) Whilst is possible (on a per user basis) to change the page size to A4 or other and for this setting to be retained, if that user happens to select another print profile, the original settings will be lost and revert to default (ie. Letter). Okay so I can create my own print profiles, but no Admin facilities are provided to enable me to set this as the default profile for the device and hence for all users.
    5) The paper trays are missing a sheet retaining bracket, to ensure loaded sheets are stacked against the sheet feeder (and also to permit auto-detect of loaded paper size).
    6) Whilst both the device install (via the control panel) and the software driver install ask for locale information (ie. country) this information isn’t used by the printer configuration to set my defaults to A4.

    My understanding is that through use of the HP “Driver Pre-Configuration” utility I might be able to change the ‘factory’ defaults the driver installs with to something more appropriate to a (non-US) business. However, if my business needs change and I wish to change my tray allocations then I will need to uninstall, reconfigure and reinstall the driver.

    These items are issues because: this is a top of the range device, the intended usage scenario’s require more operational intelligence, the target user groups are general public/business people (ie. people who want and need IT to work straight-out-of-the-box), and because as all the above features have been available on both consumer and enterprise grade HP products for many years now – we naturally expect them to be standard on modern HP products.

    PS. I’ve yet to play with the fax and scanner functions so don’t know how the operation of these compares to real world demands.

  • Tom G

    Same problem here with the bogus “out of paper” message. Same sad story of working with HP tech support. Finally, the last tech had me unplug AC cord from back of printer for a minute and then re-attach. Since doing so I have had two days with no false messages. Not confident that this is a final cure but I am sharing it here in case anyone else gets some relief this way. I will report back if the messages return.

  • Robert

    My problem is rather different. The printer won’t print certain Word documents, but is happy to print them as soon as they are converted to PDF. What happens is that the pick-up mechanism isn’t activated, though the other rollers whirr OK. So this isn’t a hardware problem. A long call to HP support in South Africa produced nothing except the suggestion that I uninstall Microsoft Office and then reload it. I suspect this is a red herring. Possibly another printer driver will work, but why should one need to take that path? A very disappointing experience with an expensive printer.

  • Hzorce

    My HP Officejet 8500 Pro Premier is not able to copy or fax from the feeder. Can someone help my with this problem?Any help would be greatly appreciated. I got this print last November in replacement for my HP 7310 officejet from HP.

  • Mark

    Just got the HP8500…after the hour of setup…I found I have two big pieces of dirt/plastic clippings UNDER the glass. Looks like there are about 7 screws holding it in place…can I take out and clean the underside? Printing is not effected but any scanning/copying sees the dirt and I get blotches.

  • Alan S

    I have three HP 8500’s and on all three scans to blk/wht pdf to file on and it turns a 8.5 x 11″ paper and turns it into a poster “36 x 45″ any suggestions how to correct this?

  • I have a comment to offer about the bogus “Out of Paper” Error message. After setting up and using 2 of the HP Pro 8500 machines for several months I have found the root cause of the mis-feeds I was getting. I could see that it was caused by the paper feed rollers failing to pickup the top sheet from the paper tray. There were roller marks on the top sheet after a mis-feed. I have experienced this before with other printers and it was usually caused by static build-up on the paper stack. Fanning the paper stack is a common practice that actually makes the static worse. My solution was to place an anti-static floor mat over the carpet in front of the printer stand and also placed an anti-static pad under the printer with the grounding wire attached to a good ground connection near the poer outlet.

    The results have been dramatic. I don’t believe we have had any mis-feeds since the anti-static measures were installed. I don’t know why HP can’t seem to figure this out and add it to theis trouble shooting suggestions but hopefully this will help someone out there.

  • Pal

    The static build-up certainly makes sense and the previous fix probably works in many cases. However, the only thing that seemed to work for me was to buy a cleaning kit and clean the two rubber/fiber rollers that are sopposed to pick up the paper. (STAPLES has their “Inkjet Printer Cleaning Kit”). Two different (new) HP 8500 machines printed around 40 to 50 pages before they quit feeding paper and gave the “out of paper” message. A third machine printed around 75 pages before it did the same thing.

    After I cleaned the two rollers using a foam swab and cleaning fluid from one of these kits from Staples, I proceeded to print around 200 pages with no further problems. (This cleaning was a little difficult to do but can be done through the back when the duplexer is removed. Another (probably less effective) method would be to use one of the pre-moistened sheets that come with the kit and feed it through a number of times or hold onto it and feed slowly thus making the rollers spin on the surface.

    I have used/owned at least five other HP models and never had this problem with any of them. I suspect that at least part of the problem with the 8500 is that the type of rubber/fiber used in making these pick-up wheels is not “tacky” enough and and becomes glazed or clogged with paper dust and just won’t grab a sheet of paper.

    PS: Thanks to those of you who take time to make helpful comments (both pros and cons) about this machine. I plan to read through them again before I dedide whether to return or keep the one I have now. There are many things about it that I like.

  • Miguel

    Update: HP had me try a couple of things to get rid of the “Out of Paper” error message- things that sounded promising, however to no avail. They sent out a replacement within 1 week and they paid for shipping back to them via a prepaid label. They also included a brand new set of ink cartridges for our trouble, free of charge. It’s been absolutely great since we replaced the unit. Some are just lemons out-the-box I guess.

  • Brian

    I too have the dreaded “out of paper” problem. When I look at the top sheet in the tray there are small grey roller marks at the top – clearly the rollers are too shiny to get traction.

    Also have had to get black/yellow printhead replaced by hP after only 2 months; now the cyan/magenta printhead condition status has changed from “good” to “fair” (HP said not a problem) then to “monitor”. I don’t know what that means but I suspect it should not be happening on a 4 month old printer

  • Another victim of the dreaded “out-of-paper” issue. But I have a real-life fix that worked for me.

    I started getting the issue maybe 50 pages into unboxing the machine. I was soo disappointed. Next day at work, my Xerox service tech was working on my machine, and I explained everything to him. He said the best bet for the rollers is to use a Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol, on all the rollers, then with the doc glass and ADF empty, make 25 copies to dry the rollers. All rollers, the ones that you have to reach under for (lead feed rollers) remove duplexer, swab those, and the exit rollers. I’m telling you, since I tried that, I’ve changed three sets of 940XL’s in all colors, and a set of print heads. The only time I was “out-of-paper” was when I was out of paper. Try my fix, before you frag your 8500.

  • Vic

    Believe it or not, one of the “Out of Paper” problems is your tray selection within the Print menu.

    If you are like me, the 8500 has only one tray. However, I also use a HP9100 that has 2 trays. Well, my setting within Word was on Tray 2 and I was trying to print something on the 8500 and was getting the “Out of Paper” error. To correct it, I changed the selection to Tray 1 and no more errors.

  • Tom G

    reporting back since feb 9 posting, i am still shocked to report that all “out of paper” messages have ceased since i did the hard reset (disconnect power cord from back of printer for 60 seconds). i’ve used it quite a bit since that time. dunno why this works or what was “reset” but i am running free these days. note: i also had the roller marks on the paper and wondered about that possible hardware problem so i will check into that if the problem comes back again.

  • con

    Is there anyway to just turn the printer on without it taking 2-5 minutes to clean the printheads or check the device. It is so frustrating when you just want to turn it on and make a copy and go!! Having it do this EVERY time it’s turned on is ridiculous…….

  • tgoelz

    replying to con from march 16: my printer stays on and has a only 5-10 second delay before it prints. not sure what setting it is on but it is never actually powered down. i do remember the long startup time you are talking about when i was turning it off trying to reset the “out of paper” problem but i no longer have that issue.

  • Michel


    I have this printer for a while now, and as you could see in a previous append I ma pretty happy with it.
    However this is quite often that the color won’t print OK. Most of the time I don’t care that much but this is really strange. All the cartige are fine, the printer heads too. Just the color printed is not accurate compare to my document (like a blue will print brown for example) When I was caring about this, rebooting the printer did the job but I think this is not normal. I do not have on top of my mind in which software I have had this issue but as a reboot makes things just right, this is probably not a software issue. Otherwise I am using Microsoft Office 2007 with Windows XP-SP3.
    Have any of you faced to same issue ?

  • Michel

    replying to con from march 16: yes, you should not shutoff the printer but rather leave it in standby mode. Another effect of switching it on/off is that it cleans up the head, and waste some ink … So if you do not want to empty your cartrige while not printing any document then dont switch it off.


  • David

    I scan a lot of documents to email, and subsequently send them out. Apparently I either don’t have enough memory, or I’m need to reset something. Whenever I scan more than two pages, the scanner sends them to my email in multiple groups instead of one file. Is this a system problem I can fix, or is the memory just too small to accomodate larger files? Help greatly appreciated.

  • Rene Stegmaier

    Is it possible to “Scan 2 FTP” or “Scan 2 Network” or something like that with the 8500?

  • Brian

    You can scan to fax, email or network folders (at least you can on the Wireless Pro model, don’t know about the others) You can set up multiple folders & select which one to scan to. I have set up folders on a network drive and my laptop. It works fine; I think you can password folders as necessary

  • Michel

    Yes, you can scan as Brian said. However, I find the HP not creating efficient PDF in terms of file size. Optimizing the PDF in Acrobat makes the file at least 4x smaller …. Do any of you know a way to adjust the PDF settings so the scanner produces smaller files ? These large files may be the reason why David is facing some issue with the mail …

  • steve

    I just spent the weekend setting up the hp 8500 wireless. everything seems to be working fine, except i cannot scan, or fax to e-mail.I am able to scan to a network folder. When i run the test (after set up) it says “cannot connect to server”.I have run tests from hp and all my connections are working fine. I’m not a computer expert, but i’m fairly efficent with them.I’m sure there is something that i’m missing.I would appreciate any help from someone more experienced than myself.

  • john74

    How do you scan a single image to file without it sticking a number on the end of your file name? It keeps putting 0001, then 0002, and so on.

  • Michel

    I think that if you give a file name that does not exist it should not append a postfix. If you leave the name by default then it has to add this number to avoid overwriting the previous file saved.

  • Bridget

    I keep getting a blue line on any documents that I scan or copy on the hp 8500. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Steve

    Your blue stripe, is it for all scans or just ADF?

  • Bridget

    The blue stripe only appears on documents that are scanned or copied through the document feeder.

  • Steve

    I had a similar problem.
    Probably something on the small platten glass to the left of the main glass.
    just lift the scanner lid and you will see a small (2 inch) wide strip of glass to the left of the man platten. It will hopefully have a bit of dirt etc. on it.


  • Kelly

    Impossible to print from glass because ADF runs every time the print button is pushed. Then the message “reload document” appears.

    Can scan from glass and print but this takes much longer and there does not seem to be a way to print scan in black & white so color ink is wasted.

    Anyone else had this problem? Suggested solutions?

    This is our second HP that is a piece of junk. Have had several in the past that we loved. However, after junk and horrible customer service . . . NEVER AGAIN!

  • Jo

    Bought 8500 to replace our (finally dead after 10 years) HP fax and wanted to be able to scan, fax, and duplex printing. Only problem with this 8500 so far is that scanning from the flatbed doesn’t work when you go through the software on the computer. The machine scans but after over 25 minutes, the “finish” buttom is still transparent. If I just scan on the flatbed using the front buttons, it uses the image of the entire glass and not just the paper on the flatbed. If I use the feeder, it works better but still cannot sense if the paper is smaller than 8 1/2 by 11. Tried going through HP chat but then got an HP error message telling me to unhook the machine, uninstall and reinstall software, so couldn’t finish the chat session. Did the reinstall but the flatbed scanning is still an issue. Will try chat again. The ADF works fine so long as I set up the printer requirements correctly. Took a little work the first time but now it’s fine. Anyone having a similar problem with scanning on the flatbed?

  • Roland

    Re: Jo a0-May-2010: Scan not finished after 25 minutes.
    Firstly, you don’t say what your PC CPU and Memory are and how you are connecting, these will all have a bearing on scan performance when the resulting file is to be saved on the PC. Also make sure your firewall is correctly configured – there is guide on the CD.

    I would recommend you go through the uninstall and reinstall (tip only install the essentials and put your firewall into auto-learn mode) and connect using a USB2 cable between device and PC (simpler than setting up the network). Then attempt to scan using HP Solution Center, if all is okay go back and install the optional components. It took me a couple of attempts to get this fully installed and working on my XP3 PC.

    I have experienced the scan seemingly hanging when I initiate it from the front panel and use ‘Scan to Computer’ (USB2 connection), this being due to the 8500 waiting for PC user response to the scan settings dialog box the Windows driver has popped up.

  • Roland

    Re: Jo

    Forgot to mention, I would strongly advise you to also uninstall the drivers for your dead HP fax, before attempting to reinstall the 8500.

  • Kev

    I was thinking of buying one of these printers, but am obviously put off by the ‘out of paper’ problems reported. Has anyone tried and able to report back on the latest 04-2010 DLM1FN1006BR firmware which is supposed to improve the paper pick up performance?

  • Roland

    Re: Jo on May 10th, 2010 at 1:53 pm.

    Thanks for prompting me to share my findings concerning the 8500 wifi (A909g) Scanner and Copier functions, when used with XP3 via a USB2 connection.

    As you have discovered the 8500 scanner always scans the maximum page size supported in both the ADF and Flat Bed – for 8500 Wifi this is a Legal pagesize. There are two exceptions:
    1. Flat Bed Copying:
    When using the front button Copy mode, originals
    placed within the page positions marked
    on the flat bed surround can be manipulated (through the menu settings) as if they have
    been cropped to these bounds.
    2. ADF ‘end of sheet’ detector:
    The ADF will automatically detect the end of page and adjust the scanned page length

    However, the ADF has no automatic sheet width detector and there is no facility either on the 8500 or within HP Solution Center that enables a scan page size to be specified. So an ADF scan of an A4 sheet (210x297mm) will create an image with Letter/Legal page width and (approximately) A4 page length (ie. 215.9x297mm). This image overscan becomes even more pronouned when scanning pages smaller than A4 such as A5.

    As the current versions of HP Solution Center (v12 & v13) do not support the creation of scan profiles (present in earlier HP driver software bundles), the only workaround seems to be to drive the scanner from HP Solution Center on a PC and and manually resize/crop the images; a slow and error prone process…

    Additionally, I’ve encountered physical problems when using the ADF with A5 pages, specifically:
    1. A5 sheets need to be loaded in portrait orientation (as per A4/LETTER sheets) otherwise the
    ADF is likely to jam. With the above limitations on default scan width this means that raw
    scanned images will be 215.9x210mm rather than 215.9x105mm.
    2. The output from two-sided scanning of A5 sheets is un-usable. This is because (unlike
    A4/LETTER scans) the leading 12mm of each side is not scanned and the next 14mm of the second
    side is highly distorted. Suspect that this is due to the slightly different paper handling
    required for 2-sided scanning.

    Moving on to the Copy (standalone scan and print) function. For the Copy function, you can set a default output page size via the front panel, in my case I’ve set it to A4.

    When using the Flat Bed, as long as the original is placed within the marked page areas, copy functions seem to work as expected with pages being correctly cropped for output etc. However, when using the ADF I have found the following:
    – Normal full page (A4) copy seems to work without problems.
    – Booklet style printing of full size originals requires a little thought to get right.
    – No indication is given on the front panel as to which menu settings are not supported for the ADF, you only find out by trial and error.

    Looking specifically at the Copy action ‘Size: 2 On 1’ when used in conjunction with the ADF. Using default copy settings and A4 originals, the 8500 reduces the page A4 scans by 62% and then places them on the page with a full border and central margin; I’ve not found a way to override this behaviour. If you print A4 pages using the ‘Two pages per sheet’ option from a PC then the 8500 will correctly output two A4 pages reduced by 50% on the same sheet. Using A5 originals instead of A4, we see that the 8500 handles these in exactly the same way as A4 originals; this would seem to be an effect of the scanner always scanning the full width of 215.9mm and not automatically cropping. Hence on device copying A5/booklet pages is problemmatic and requires thought as to whether to manually load pages on to the flatbed or use HP Solution Center to control a scan then print set of activities. However, once again the user is faced with a slow and error prone process…

    The above findings, add further evidence that this product is not really suitable for business/office use, contradicting HP’s marketing and positioning of this product.

  • Tristan

    I just bought the printer, and already installed the new firmware.
    I don’t have problems with ‘almost out of paper’.

    My only problem is the fax himself… It can’t pickup the phone…
    It keeps ringing…

  • Carolyn

    Help! Bought the 8500, can’t get passed the error message, “the following printhead has a problem K/Y…..I’ve rechecked it several times, turned machine off and not sure what to do now…can you help?

  • jim kono

    Re: deskjet pro 8500 Ink Cartridge problem-

    I’ve seen other issues on this but mine will not resolve. On replacing the HP original 940XL cartridge for a new one (HP original), the printer will not recognize the new one and issues a message that ink is out, replace 940 ink. The ink meter acknowledges a full cartridge. I replaced 3x new the 940xl and then one more time 940 standard new.

    I’ve repowered, performed printer reset (repower while pressing # 3.

    HP directs that I am out of warranty and offered a refurbished printer at nearly “new” price.

    Any further suggestions as to this issue?

  • aimee

    I just bought a new HP desktop (Windows 7) the other day after my Dell’s C drive (Windows XP) wore out a few weeks ago. I had upgraded on the Dell from Adobe Acrobat 6 to 9 Pro a few weeks before the drive failure. for my new HP with Windows 7, I had to download the drivers for the HP8500 printer that I purchased in Oct 2009. However, I’m having a problem with custom flatbed scanning…even though I tell it say 8.5″ wide by 5″ height, it still scans a whole legal size. Before the drive failure, I also noticed a that if I tried to feed a size B5 paper, it was scanning as if it was letter size and cutting off half the scan when it transferred it.

    Anyone have any ideas with maybe some settings elsewhere?

    I also have Acrobat 9 at work, also with a HP Compaq desktop on Windows XP, but don’t have the custom size flatbed scanning problem.


  • Roland

    Please see my comment above left on May 12th, 2010 at 8:18 am.

    Basically, as far as I’m aware, with the currently shipping versions of HP software for the 8500 there is no way of setting up custom scan profiles.

    If you have a custom scan profile set up on your work desktop, I recommend:

    1. You take a look at the HP software products and versions you are using and then install these on your new desktop.

    2. You report your findings here, as I’m sure others will be very interested in being able to set up custom scan settings.


    A new set of 940XL OEM color cartridges contain only 16mL of ink each, and the black cartridge contains only 49mL, or 97mL total ink volume, and a set of cartridges is around $95.00 (or .98 cents/mL)*. HP 940XL color cartridges CAN HOLD a maximum volume of 28mL and HP 940XL black cartridges CAN HOLD a maximum of 69mL. HP just does not fill them completely! HP is raping their customers!!

    AdaptiveInk has solutions for all who use any of the HP 8000 or HP 8500 series printers. All systems are USA made, Continuous Ink Supply Systems providing ink costs for less than .30 cents/mL, and some as low as .17 cents/mL for a complete filled/primed system.

    Check them out!

    *Reference: Posted on March 30, 2010 by inkjetinsider – (bottom of the article).

  • Ian Barry

    Can any one help I’ve just bought an officejet 8500A909g excellent printing but can’t print both sides, done everything the manual says all the latest drivers etc but no avail I’m using windows 7


  • Brian

    Just got a new laptop with Win 7 Home Premium installed. Detected both my 8500 and 8000 without any action on my part; printing 2 sided works fine (sorry)

  • Richard Curt

    We have a HP Office Jet Pro just turned one year old so out of warranty of course.
    It just started this problem of every time we copy or scan it has black lines on the copy.
    It dosent do it when you print just copy or scan.
    Ran a test page and had no problem.
    Anybody else had this problem.

  • Jo

    Richard: Have you cleaned the glass beneath the scanner? A small spot can create lines down the page of a scanned document. I know it’s an obvious question but I got caught on the same issue when I called in the vendor to “fix” my other copier. I felt just a bit foolish! If the scanner class is clean, perhaps you have a scratch etched into the glass. If so, I don’t know the solution to that problem.

  • Jim

    This is a huge pile of crap! this is by far the worse HP product ihave ever owned! It NEVER takes paper. It is going into the trash today. NO Support from HP and NO support from Best Buy. dont buy this printer it sucks! It looks nice but performs like crap!

  • Gary Spedding

    I write because the web stated there were problems with Printheads. But too many messages here to find it. I am finished too with HP printers. I am now on my third replacement in about three months with constant Printhead problems. This last unit is going to go back and I hope for a full refund. Too many bells and whistles and too much time on line to deal with this downtime.

    It is time to give us a printer that costs more but does the job and reduce the cost of ink!!

  • Ken

    Gary: If you are looking to reduce the cost of ink for the HP 8000 or HP 8500 printers, check out this website You can save 75% on ink costs with their OEM Refillable Cartridges, Mini-Pro series Continuous Ink Supply Systems, or Pro Series CISSs.

  • Gary Spedding

    I did also have paper-feed problems and communication issues with the computer on this printer but printheads were the main problem. Three sets and no joy. Though HP support has been good. But after two replacement printers – that is enough!! Unusually I took out a Staples two year warranty so if HP won’t take it back for a refund at least I can replace it on store credit.
    As for Best Buy (see author above) I have never heard good things about support from them. Ironically I was told to get a model with replaceable printheads (never again) but also advised to get a Brother instead. I think this is a huge disaster for HP – an earlier model sits in a Cartridge World office as an ad to not buy this type of unit. I am done with HP for good now.

  • rgp7777

    I am posting this comment in hopes may help some folks. It’s probably not going to help the last couple of users since they clearly have given up on their printers.

    I have purchased, installed, recommended over 10 of the HP 8500 series printers for my own use as well as clients and all of the printers are successfully in full production usage today. I only state this so readers can understand that I have some hands-on experience with more than a sample of 1 printer. I guess I should make it clear that I do not represent HP or have an financial interest in HP. I just like to try to help people solve problems.

    Relative to paper feed issues, every case of feeding problems I have seen was caused by one or both of the following conditions: poor control of static electricity buildup on paper/printer and/or poor quality paper that has an excessive amount of paper dust on the surface of the sheets.

    The use of conductive floor mats and conductive/grounded table top pads under the printer has eliminated 100% of the static related paper issues with my printers. Many people seem to not believe this can make a difference but if static is the culprit then these measures will solve the problems.

    Excessive paper dust will coat the feed rollers and cause mis-feeds (as well as clog print heads). This seems to be a problem with paper manufacturers that have poor quality control of their processes. If you see a fine coating of white power inside your printer, then you need to clean the feed rollers and insides of the printer and get better paper.

    BTW, the static and paper dust issues are not unique to this HP printer. I have observed these problems for over 25 years of working with printers. The fact that this printer is marketed for and quite capable of relatively high volume printing makes these type of issues more important to control.

    Finally, my experience with print head issues on inkjet printers is that failures has been traced to poor quality ink in every case except one. I did have 1 HP print head failure that was flagged by the built-in diags and a simple replacement under warranty took care of the problem. All other failures were after using 3rd party replacement ink.

    My net on the HP 8500 is that it is a very cost effective printer that is capable of delivering reliable service when setup and maintained properly.

  • Tom G

    i was posting comments back in march and declared the “out of paper” problem resolved by hard reset, but now having the same issue again though much less frequently – i can probably live with it though still a large disappointment for this high end machine. appreciate comments about static and dust but never had issue with any other printer in same environment so i don’t easily accept that explanation.

    now suffering from loss of communication with my pc pretty much every new day. pc says “printer offline”. i have to shutdown printer and restart it which takes time (and ink). maybe something i have inadvertently changed in my pc settings. anyone have a clue??

  • rgp7777

    To: Tom G

    In the spirit of trying to help troubleshoot your “Out of Paper” errors:

    When you get the “Out of Paper” error, take a look at the top sheet of paper in the feed tray (the one that should have been feed for printing). If you can see any sign of contact by the feed-rollers (tiny row of smudges or marks horizontally across the paper surface) then the printer mechanically tried to feed the sheet of paper but the sheet did not move. The marks are made by the spinning rollers rubbing on the paper surface. If the paper moves as it should you get no marks. If the rollers don’t reach down to the paper surface you get no marks and have a “real mis-feed” due to a mechanical issue. The marks indicate that the print rollers did what they were supposed to do but something prevented the paper from moving. The only other scenario I know of is that the feed rollers contacted the sheet but failed to move the paper and left no marks because their surface has been contaminated. This would usually be from excessive paper dust coating the rollers and making them too slippery.

    In every case where I could see that the rollers made enough contact to leave a mark, the basic problem was static charge causing the top sheet to stick to the paper stack. It is surprising how tight the sheets can stick to each other.

    One other suggestion, don’t fan the paper stack before loading it. This seems to be a common practice by many printer users but in low humidity environments this can actually make the static charge worse.

    Good luck.

    On the loss of communications problem, when you get the “printer offline” error, can you ping the IP address of the printer (for example 192.168.x.x) and get a response ? Or try typing the IP address in the address bar of your browser to see if the printer responds with the built-in web page. If these fail to get a response from the printer, then the problem is in the printer or you network. This is assuming that your printer is network attached.

  • Roland

    In the spirit of trying to help troubleshoot the “Out of Paper” error.
    I’ve found that after running 3+ reams of paper through the device, erroneous ‘out of paper’ reports declined. Now having put nearly 8 reams through the printer (according to MyPrintMileage), I’ve started to trust the ‘out of paper’ message. On those occassions when there still is paper in the tray I’ve noticed either the sheets are no longer uniformly stacked or there is only a few sheets left – restacking and/or restocking resolves the problem.
    I’ve also found that, as stated by others paper handling is important. I try to adhere to the following conventions:
    1. Always fill the tray, to slightly below maximum capacity and let the printer tell you when it’s time to refill, so you put 200+ fresh sheets in with minimual handling.
    2. Paper has a top/best side which should be printed first – this may or may not be indicated on the wrapper. Therefore ensure you place this side FACE DOWN in the tray.
    (Also see for some more tips on paper handling.)
    As to the actual paper stock, I use mostly budget A4 75~80gsm paper intended for inkjets (Tesco’s, Staples, Ryman, et al).
    Moving on to “printer offline”. From my experience on Windows this tends to indicate a firewall settings change and/or a printer driver problem. The most reliable way to resolve is to do a complete uninstall of ALL the HP printers installed on the system and then as user ‘Administrator’: put your firewall into auto-learn or
    similar mode and re-install printers starting with the newest. [I assume your computer has never had a Lexmark driver installed, as conflicts between HP and Lexmark drivers are known.]

  • Roland

    Tips on paper handling Url deleted from previous post:

  • Carol

    Officejet Pro 8500 does not recognize replacement ink cartridge for magenta. Replaced other color fine, replaced black fine. Using only HP Ink. Tried the off for 60 seconds several times, tried resetting printer. HP has been no help. Any suggestions?

  • Roland

    The issue of replacement ink cartirdges not being recognised seems to come up with some regularity.
    A question, does your printer still recognise the old cartridge?
    If so then I suggest swapping the cartridge chip’s over – watch the video for details.

  • Gary Spedding

    Never had my original or the two replacements long enough to test ink cartridges and issues. Only three sets Printheads. But I learned that the chips in these things are so sensitive to static and dust that you have to be very careful installing them. This is such a tremendous issue that now I have replaceed my unit with a Brother instrument I really cannot recommend this particular HP Printer model.If you have not bought one don’t. If you have and cannot get a refund then be very careful when replacing print heads or ink cartridges. Wear vinyl gloves and ensure no dust, vibration or static when changing these ultra sensitive units. In fact install a positive airflow chamber and keep you HP in that only. Maybe then you will have no issues.

  • po’d in portage

    Well, I’ve had enough with HP printers. My 8500 decided today was the day to quit working. I’m also getting the out of paper indication despite there being paper in the tray. It simply won’t pick it up. Tried to force paper in it and it will grab it now and then. Went looking online for a solution but I’m gathering it’s a mechanical malfunction without an electronic fix. This is basically costing me a days work. My old printer (a canon) has worked flawlessly since I got it in 2003. Now, eight months into this HP, I’m out of work until I go replace it.

  • Kim

    Has anyone experienced printing issues where the last sentence or item on the page being printed is cut off?

  • dml

    I’ve had HP multifunction devices and HP laser printers in the past and all were/are fine. I had the 7000 series Officejet Pro which had endless printhead problems and was replaced by HP with the Officejet 8500 and it is the most worthless piece of junk I’ve ever owned.

    The main issues are that it CANNOT copy from the glass (always tries to feed from the ADF) and when using the ADF it is unreliable and skips pages. It has other annoying malfunctions that waste time and effort too. I will never own another HP multifunction product…

  • George

    In response to Kim, I had the last line dropped on random pages on the old HP7280C that I recently replaced with the 8500. I haven’t seen the problem yet on the 8500. We lived with the dropped line problem for the 3 or so years that we had the 7280. I’m not looking forward to having the same problem on the 8500.

  • Mitch

    How do you get it to print from the ADF instead of the tray? I do not have any software downloaded bc it froze up my machine and I spent 3 hours on the phone with tech. The said they would have a senior tech give me a call, bc they could not successfully download the software (running window 7). Any ideas

  • Keith

    We have put 25,000 sheets of paper through our 8500 with very few problems until now. Recently there has been a loud clicking noise as it tries to feed a sheet of paper and the paper gets jammed. We have to manually pull out the stuck sheet and then try to get the printer going again. This may have to do with the rollers getting “glazed” and I just read about using rubbing alcohol to clean the rollers. Anyone have this problem? It does this feeding both from tray 1 and 2.

  • Chris

    I have a problem not expressed here previously.When I scan, copy or fax, (basically anything to do with the scanner) the entire right edge of the paper comes out solid black. Approximately 1/4 of the page top to bottom. Any suggestions?

  • Nikki

    I just purchased this machine a short time ago for work-related documents. I could not be more dis-satisfied with this piece of sh**! I’m also very sorry that I will most likely be stuck with this thing for another couple of years!

  • Mary

    I have had a lot of issues w/my HP8500 A909g; it keeps falling off my wireless network; printer keeps turning off even after programming it not to turn off/save power. Has anyone had these problems? I deleted the printer software and then re-installed it but now it’s doing the same thing.

  • Erich

    Don’t worry Nikki, your printer will surely not last a couple years. I have two new black cartridges and all four cartridges at about 50%. You can have them for the cost of shipping plus a couple bucks for my packaging trouble.

  • Chrystin Pleasants

    I have had this printer for about a year and hate it. I will never buy another HP printer. This is the 6th I’ve owned.

    The software is a nightmare. It takes 3 command prompts and a l-o-n-g time to even get to the point that it will actually start scanning. Then after it’s scanned, you ‘finish’ and that takes a l-o-n-g time. You can’t save the document where you want with the name you want. It auto saves to “My Scans” and you have to go there to re-name it, and then drag it to where it should be filed.

    You have to remove the paper from the printer to print an envelope–the most miserably designed feature I’ve ever seen.

    It has all kinds of issues with wireless networks. Won’t install even though the network is there and no way to manually direct it.

    It won’t clean uninstall and re-install. I’ve spent hours with this printer trying to get it to work properly. A $500 printer should show a lot more value than this one does. DO NOT BUY IT if you want a reliable, fast, easy to use device.

  • George

    I purchase the 8500 from CostCo about 3 weeks ago. It worked fine at the beginning. After printing several documents (not a very high volume) the print quality was terrible with numerous white lines where black print lines should be. I got a chat session going with HP. I took out the cartridges and print heads, cleaned them, put them back into the printer and the print quality was fine. Until today. The lines reappeared after a week of low volume printing. What’s up? Bad print heads?

  • Vernon

    I have had an HP8500 for about six months and have been resonalbe happy….dealing with the out of paper issues but have been able to work around the matter.

    The most recent issue has to due with printing, or the lack of it. The document prints normally, however intermittently in a upper right hand corner the print will be faded or a slight distortion. I have cleaned the print heads and that solved the matter for about a day (I usually print about 50 pages per day on this printer).

    Any suggestions besides making it a boat anchor?


  • Don

    To: Comment by rgp7777 on July 11th, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    I have an 8500 which is about 30 days out of warranty. An error message saying I have a bad print head has stopped me from printing. HP sent a new print head but the message is still there. I was told it was a hardware issue and they will sell me an upgraded printer at a discount, What A**Ho*es!
    I have only used HP ink. I do not use the printer a lot.

    You got your printer fixed several times under warranty. I can’t afford to spend this much money on a new printer every year!…….Epson?….

  • Bruce

    I tend to agree with most people that the 8500 printer is a piece of garbage. I am on my 2nd one and it has the exact same problems as the 1st – Paper feed issues and cutting off the bottom of a printed page. I have watched the feed mechanism in action. Some times the feed arm stays down (makes it difficult to load paper) and other times it retracts after printing. When I hear it having difficulty feeding paper, I jump up and push the paper by hand (not the best solution for a “high-end” printer).

    The problem that I can not resolve is that it frequently cuts off the bottom of a page. Like when I print a UPS label – sometimes it just won’t print the whole thing. Today I tried to print a text document and it just wouldn’t print the last 3 lines (until I added 5 more lines with just an “x” in them – then it printed fine).

    I wish HP would recall this printer.

  • Robert

    I thought I would make a few suggestions for Bruce about the cutting off of the last lines of a page. I know how frustrating these type of issues can be.

    Let me preface my comments by saying that I am actually a satisfied owner/user of 5 of these printers. I only mention this to maybe provide some hope to people having issues that the printer IS capable of working properly. These are Win Xp and Win 7 clients printing via network. I have no Vista experience (except bad).

    In my experience, failure to print lines at the bottom of pages has always ended up being issues either with device driver settings or application settings.

    For example, there are some scaling and paper size setting in the driver that can cause issues. From the application side, there are numerous things depending on the program you are printing from such as gutter settings, header/footer keep-out areas, page size, page/paragraph “keep” settings that can cause issues at page boundries.

    What I see is that many owners of various brands/models of printers complain of lines missing at the bottom of pages. I believe this illustrates that a fundamental flaw in the 8500 is not necessarily the root cause of the problems.

    I hope this might be of some help in troubleshooting your issue.

    By the way on your paper feeding issue, do you see any small marks from the feed rollers on a sheet that fails to feed ? If the rollers have contacted the paper and started turning while in contact with the sheet but the paper does not move, you will see small marks/smudges from the rollers. In my experience, this is a clear sign of either excess static electricity build-up on the paper stack or contaminated feed rollers (or both). The only reason that top sheet does not move if the rollers are touching is too much friction with the paper stack created by a static charge. It is amazing how strong the static holding power is on a sheet of paper. I experienced this with several of my printers and cured it with anti-static floor mats in front of the printer table. All handling/loading of the paper is done standing on the mat. In really bad environments, an anti-static pad on the table top might be required.

    If the rollers are not touching the top sheet of paper during a feed cycle, that is a totally different problem and will need a mechanical adjustment of the hardware on the feed arm. I have never had this issue.

  • Bruce

    Robert – Thanks for your comments. Without trying to sound nasty, I am an Electrical Engineer with a specialty in digital logic. I have been programming and working with computers for almost 40 years. I have had LOTS of experience with word processing programs, etc. Yes, I would consider myself an expert. I don’t know everything about every program/product, but I do have a broad base of knowledge that allows me to understand software and hardware technology.

    That said – The primary point that respondants are missing is this: Several people (including me) have experienced that they print the exact same thing, the exact same way, one right after another and have failures on some percentage (from 20% to 100%) of the copies (of the same page). For example: printing 5 copies of the same page and 3 of the copies are cutoff.

    My situation – I print UPS labels using the UPS website. Some times they print fine and other times, the 8500 just won’t print the whole label. Another situation – Yesterday, I tried to print 15 lines of text (using a 12 point font) in Notepad – 12 1/4 lines printed. I added 3 more lines to the document consisting each of just the letter “x” and it printed fine. Didn’t change margins – didn’t change anything else. I think it is an internal (to the printer) buffer or page layout buffer problem.

    As for the feed problem, you may be right (static). However, for many years I have used printers that feed paper from a horizontal stack and have not had this type of problem. I believe it is a design or manufacturing flaw. Either way, it is very frustrating. Imagine getting in your car and trying to start it, but it just won’t happen. Turns out you were wearing leather sole shoes and it was humid outside. So put air conditioning in your garage and wear rubber sole shoes!

    BTW – I bought a cheap ($50) Canon printer to use when I work in another room and to take to work. I use it for the same volume as my 8500 (1 to 15 page print jobs). The Canon has NEVER misfed a sheet of paper.

    Problem is, I really don’t want to deal with tech support. “Turn printer off – Turn it back on – Plug it into another outlet – Use another network cable – Buy a new hub – Change your network address” – It just goes on and on then finally it just happens to print correctly – once. I hang up and it starts again a week later!

    BTW – Glad to hear that you have printers that were built on a Thursday ;-)

  • Paula

    I bought the HP 8500 wireless printer from Costco. Out of the box it worked for 2 days….then the error message “Printer cartridge access door or ink cartridge cover is open” and nothing can convince this machine otherwise. I paid a tech to spend 2 hours trying to get this printer to work. And I haven’t even approached the “Out of paper problem”. Very disappointing.
    Has anyone come across this error message?

  • Mike

    Don – I had the same experience as you did. They basically informed me that they only manufacture enough replacement printheads to service their under warranty customers and then continued to push a hard sell on a replacement printer and extended warranty. Is this HPs idea of an alternate revenue stream? I basically told the guy I was not about to throw good money after bad and that they were about to lose someone who previously was a fan. I have a laser that is over 10 yrs old and continues to be a workhorse. Their product quality has gone down hill.

  • Peggy

    I purchased a hp 8500 Premier all-in-one. It works well with Windows XP but I cannot install it on my hp computer running under Windows 7. I cannot find any drivers to download making the printer compatible with Windows 7. Any ideas? I would appreciate any help one can provide me.

  • Peggy

    Please note that I provided the wrong e-mail address for the above question. This is the correct e-mail address


  • Peggy

    Why doesn’t the hp 8500 OfficeJet Premier all in one work with Windows 7?. It does well with Windows XP…I cannot seem to find new drivers to download so the printer works with Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • rgp7777

    Here is a link to the HP Drivers for the 8500. Win 7 32 and 64 Bit OS are valid choices and I have multiple Win 7 users of this printer.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ken

    When I purchased my HP 8500 there was two Driver disks. One for XP and one for Windows 7.

    P.S. If you want a set of 940XL Refillable Cartridges like I have for $44.95 filled to maximum capacity check out Adaptive Ink ( These guys use genuine recycled OEM parts for their products and are MADE IN THE USA. If you need larger volumes of ink for your printer, check out their Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISSs)!

  • Bruce

    In regards to the “out of paper” problem: As asked in several of the above, I did not observe “roller marks” (due to static holding the paper back(?). I did, however observe that the roller arm did not extend to feed the paper! After pressing the “OK” button, the printer tried again, this time extending the arm first. I’m willing to bet that this is an internal software issue where it loses track of the arm’s position

  • VM

    HELP, I have an HP officejet pro 8500 wireless. I need to send a very important fax and this stupid thing has been in self maintenance mode for over an hour. I pressed a button by mistake and now the a msg on the panel that says : “Button Pressed” The maintenande cannot be interrupted. WHAT SHOULD I DO? This fax is overdue and I’m in trouble.

  • Rich

    I have another issue with the HP 8500. The machine rang today like it was going to receive a fax. But I don’t think it was a fax, it was someone trying to call the number I have for my fax line that someone previously had. Anyway, I look at the screen, and it says ‘connection failed’. So I leave, come home 5 hours later to see the screen saying ‘Fax connecting’. Only it said that for about 1 1/2 hours. I hit the ‘x’ on the machine, the screen said ‘canceling fax’, and that stayed on for 1 hour. I finally turned the power off, then back on, and after it went through all the gyrations of starting up again, a page printed out that said something about a power failure occurred. This used to happen on my old HP 6160, and no one could ever figure it out. I am done with HP All in Ones, they aren’t worth the trouble.

  • A

    I have the same problem as Bob B: I have plenty of paper in the printer, but it doesn’t seem to recognise it. Can anyone help?
    Please reply ASAP because my homework is due in tomorrow…

  • jimbo

    Welcome to HP’s ‘upper end’ printers: I have the previous model (7780) and exact same issue. Unfortunately for me, I was only using mine for printer for the first year and when I finally needed the adf for the first time…it didn’t work, just like yours. I’ve also had issue re: ink consumption (high) and losing wireless connection…same complaints as other 7780/8500’s.

    Bad design, poor/no QA and they pretty much just changed the model# without fixing the issue. When I called HP, they offered to replace mine with an 8500 ‘for a reduced price’: I saw just as many bad comments as my 7780 after I placed the order AND I also found out that the HP guy I ordered the replacement from lied to me (I SPECIFICALLY asked if they were providing a NEW unit and he said they were; when I received my order confirmation, I reviewed the details of the order and it said it was a REFURB). I called them back to complain re: refurb and they offered to send new one…for a ‘higher, but still reduced price’. I said that was baiting/switching and then they offered to provide a new model for the original price. I asked if the problems I had already mentioned had been resolved: they couldn’t/wouldn’t answer that question…

    Ongoing nonsense…I cancelled the order. If you can, return yours…

    BTW: HP will try to get you to follow their ADF repair document:

    1) will tell you to reseat the rollers

    2) will tell you to clean the rollers

    NONE of these steps work. It’s a design flaw and it wasnt fixed on at least a couple of models of their printers (7780, 8500…and perhaps others)

    1) Fiddling with the roller position MIGHT get you using the ADF for a few pages but without touching it, it’ll stop working again.

    2) how does cleaning the rollers have anything to do with a roller assembly that does not drop down to even TOUCH the paper?!? Roller slippage only comes in to play if the paper/rollers are actually making contact: this is NOT a MIS-FEED issue, it is a NON-FEED issue.

    Bad design, bad product. Ironically, a Office supply chain store was blowing out 8500’s @ $200CDN, LESS THAN 1/2 price. I wonder why(!)

  • Debra

    RE: HP Officejet Pro 8500 – has anyone had problems with the automatic duplexing (2-sided) documents? When I use the automatic feature, it places one side 1/4 inch lower – so if you have a page number or page border, the two sides don’t line up – very, very aggravating as anytime I need 2-sided documents I have to order them from FedEx Office which is very expensive. Please let me know out there if you’ve been able to fix this problem. Thanks!

  • Howard Cash

    Seriously? If one or more of my ink cartridges are low I can no longer scan from the glass to my Mac? That seems more than terrible engineering, it seems like extortion to buy an expensive ink cartridge that is not remotely related to the function I wish to perform.

  • Peggy

    I placed a thumb drive into the external USB port with the intention of printing some pictures from my HP 8500 Premier all-in-one. The pages come out blank. It does not make any difference whether I an using quality photo paper or a multiple use paper. Can someone please help me? The manual does not address this issue. Please help!

  • E

    We’d appreciate some help as our printer is not consistently responding when requested to print….. It says it’s ‘offline’. HP’s solution is to go to the tool box and remove the tick ‘use printer offline’ which then says causes a message saying that the printer is disconnected. We have examined this over and over and can’t seem to get over this hurdle. When it does decides to print it is brilliant. Thank you.

  • erin

    Just purchased machine, installed everything. Printed test sheets but when I went to print my first page for work it tells me there is a problem with magenta printhead. How is this possible if it is brand new? Anyone?

  • JT

    3 days out of warranty HP 8500 printer now has a paper jam error message. NO paper is actually jammed, but error message repeats. As mentioned by others, HP would like to upgrade me to another printer for $ 270 bucks; NO thanks.

    This thing is a piece of #%$#@. Just refer to me as a FORMER HP customer. No more of my $$$ goes to HP, ever.

  • Teresa

    When I first got this machine it worked great with my XP Pro laptop. Then I got a new Windows 7 laptop. I lost most of the functions of the wireless ability. I can print but get the out of paper issue. If I scan more than 4 pages I get blank pages and only some pages actually scan. I have downloaded to Win7 updates but they don’t run or work! Today I plugged in my thumbdrive to scan some docs into it since the ability to scan and save on my laptop was also lost with Win 7 and I get a message to reboot the printer. I’ve done this several times and now my printer worn’t work with the thumbdrive! I hate this printer. I have only used HP printers in the last 20 years and I am done with them!

  • MIke

    Wanted to like this printer, was sold this printer, paid good money for this printer but no go. Constant paper jam messages where there is no paper jam. Tired of turning it on and off trying to figure out what is going on. Tired of being with HP tech support in 30 minute increments getting no where. When my kids have to print their homework and I am up for hours after they go to sleep wishing it would work… if you are looking at this or are being sold this by a rep at Staples or other places, walk away. It is not worth the stress levels brought to your family over a POS. (did not want to use that but unfortunately they deserve it)

  • Jimbo

    Fool me once…shame on them. But HP managed to fool me TWICE…and I’ve had enough.

    HP SWORE to me that they would send a brand new Officejet 8500 and that the new unit would have NO ISSUES. So, foolishly, I believed them, paid my money and waited for the new printer.

    Set up was ok, printed ok (slower than the old printer) fine, fed documents ok….then it went to sleep (powersave)…and never woke up. Within 20min of having the unit running it was already exhibiting undesirable behaviour and who knows what else would have been found to be defective if I could have actually kept the printer running for any length of time?!?

    Again on the phone with useless HP support, again being given false reasons/excuses why this wasn’t working. I demanded HP to escalate this matter and they put me in contact with a ‘Support Specialist’; this person called me back, confirmed with me that unit was refusing to come out of powersaver mode..and then offered this advice: “disable your powersaver and you wont have this problem”. WHAT?!? Start disabling features that THEY KNOW DON’T WORK and that is what they call a FIX?!? I asked if indeed they dare call it a ‘fix’ and they said ‘yes, it is a fix for a known issue’. That was the only assistance they offered…

    LIED TO AGAIN BY HP! HP knows there is an issue and CONTINUES TO LIE TO ITS CUSTOMERS about the shortcomings of their products, then gives out misleading/bad info to try to work around the defects. I thought I only read horror stories like this in Dilbert-like cartoons (that companies actually abused their customers deliberately on a repetitive basis) but apparently this approach to dealing with customers is alive and kicking within HP.

    I demanded my money back and told them to take their garbage back and throw it away like it should have been done during the testing phase of the product.

    4 more weeks, multiple communications and a very problematic return delivery to HP and I finally got my refund.

    Read this HP: I’m an IT person that supports a client with over 4500 printers…it will be my pleasure to ensure that EVERY SINGLE HP I find is eventually removed from their offices and replaced with your competitors. Image how much in CONSUMABLES you’ve just lost in sales…hopefully forever.

    Screw me twice on your printers, costing me countless hours of lost productivity and wasted time I’ll never get back…this is the least I can do to return the favor.

    Any lawyers out their interested in starting a class-action suit???

  • Emcee

    It’s hard to believe this story is true, but I assure you it is all true.

    1- In October 2009 we purchased an HP Officejet Pro 8500. Not long after installing it we got constant messages “Printer is offline.” Called HP and learned that it was a hardware fault and could only be resolved by sending us a new printer.

    2- A new HP Officejet Pro 8500 arrived by FedEx with instructions how to remove specific parts from the old printer and send it back within a specified number of days or we’d be charged for the new printer. We set up the new printer and while setting up we get the message “Printhead error.”

    3- We call HP. They say the only solution is to send out another new printer.

    This story goes on-and-on. We are now sitting here 14 months later with the FOURTH HP Officejet Pro 8500 sent to us by HP via FedEx and when turning the printer ON it tells 1) Cyan cartridge is low. But it’s a brand new cartridge. 2) the Printhead problem is here again.

    Did I mention this is the FOURTH printer that they’ve sent to us?

    When we call HP it’s like starting from scratch every time. No one has a complete, accurate record of these extraordinarily bad experience with HP. We have to walk them through step-by-step what we’ve been through. We must almost beg them to quit putting us through this. Tomorrow I think we’ll go out and buy a new printer by Canon or Epson or just any printer that’s not HP and meanwhile we’ll just let HP keep sending us new printers because it seems like they have endless resources to throw away rather than to just simply solve our problem.

    What has happened to what was once a great company? This is truly pathetic. How much money has HP spent sending us new printers and getting the old printers back via FedEx?

    I want to find every forum possible on the Internet to make users aware of this kind of service and response from HP.

  • Jimbo


    Part of the problem you are experiencing is due to the fact that HP is NOT sending you new printers. It’s the same old cr@p that other people have returned. Yes, they will even say to you that it is ‘new’ but if you press them on the issue, they will say that they ‘have opened the box and tested the printer’. Now, why would you need to do that for a perfectly new printer?!? Ahh…because is it NOT brand new. Maybe it was a demo or display model…or maybe it came from someone like me that had problems within the first 20 minutes and sent the garbage back. They wipe it down, tape/pad the parts, throw in some new inks and ship someone’s else’s dud to you. Maybe you even got back a printer that you sent them earlier?!?

    If you can, get your money back and walk away. HP is clueless as to how to treat consumers and they are so full of their own malformed processes that they couldn’t do ‘the right thing’ unless it happened by accident. Your comments are completely believable and sadly, expected.

    Spread the word…thats the best way to bring about change.

  • tony willis


    It will not print BLACK ONLY when YELLOW/CYAN is out!!!


  • Jimbo

    ANY INTERESTING NOTE TO EVERYONE: Before you buy an HP all-in-one, ask in the store if the have a opened-stock/discount selection. Odds are…you’ll find HP printers in it.

    Staples, Office Depot, Costco…at all of them, in the return bins, you’ll see HP all-in-ones in retaped boxes (or no boxes at all) because the previous owners managed to get their money back/swap in to another brand.

    Tells you that we’re not the only ones upset by the quality of these printers.

  • Bob Huffman

    Horrible paper feed system, did a child engineer this? I’m constantly getting up to load a FULL printer because it can’t feed properly.

    Forget printing labels as it won’t keep them lined up. On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 1.

    I will NEVER purchase another HP product as ling as I live.

  • Peacenikchicago

    I have had multiple problems with my machine. And as others have said here, I had issues with ‘no paper’ when there was plenty of paper, print quality is crap, and inconsistent printing of documents. DIfferent arts of the document do not print ro not well.

    Someone did ask about how to print on two sides from the ADF. you need to scroll down the menu until you see two-sided, hit that and then it asks you what you want to do in all types of scenarios. Very unclear. I found my luck.

  • Tracy

    Do yourselves a favor – don’t buy this printer. Constant “out of paper” issues. Tech support from HP was laughable – I couldn’t understand a word that the woman said with her thick accent. Never again HP – I’m done.

  • Emcee

    This is hilarious. We finally got our 4th replacement printer in the mail two weeks past the date that it was promised (Jimbo,you’re right that we just get someone’s”refurbished” failed model ) and true to form the scanner doesn’t work. After hours on the phone with HP Tech we are told that we must call the manufacturer of the wireless router (Apple) to have more ports opened. I seriously could not believe the absurdity of that pronouncement.

    Finally speaking to a different Tech person we were told, “Throw out the installation CDs. Remove the installed HP software. Download from the HP website.”

    Fingers crossed. The printer works. 6 more hours wasted calling HP.

    Imagine if every device that you purchased required this kind of black hole of time lost?

    15 months ago we bought an HP OfficeJet. 4 replacements later we have only now a printer that works. How long will it last?

  • JT

    With all the known and inherint paper jam problems on this product, it might seem that an aggressive Atty would consider this as a class action suit against HP. Are any of you Attys listening?

  • hiwa


  • Nancy

    I need help. I own a HP office jet pro 8500 wireless. I need to scan photos to go to my computer. Can you direct me how to do this.? Thanks Nancy

  • Jimbo <-enjoy!

  • JT

    Now there is a laugher…

    What do they do…? I haven’t yet been able to determine that except that they try to get you to spend another 270 bucks on an upgrade. Nah, fool me once… it can happen, but once you decide to rain on my parade by poor product and service, I am not about to patronize your products by buying more of them. Fuh-get-about-it.

    Chalk the experience of hp products up as a BAD DREAM, and move on. Suggest you look at Lexmark for future printing needs; they seem to have this figured out with lower cost ink cart, 5 yr warranties as std, etc… Way superior to anything that HP is doing, IMO.

  • Chrystin

    A simple way to scan photos is to put the photo on the scanner bed, and plug a USB flash/external drive into the printer at the front lower right corner. Then in the display field, press “scan” on the options window, then “scan to a memory card”, then “start scan.” You can then remove the card/hard drive and rename the files and put them where you want on your computer.

    To print double-sided go to: Printer, Printing Preferences, and choose “two-sided.” If you don’t have a duplexer, then in the print command, go to print “one-sided” and there’s an option to manually print two sides (you print on one side, and then reinsert the paper in reverse to print the second page(s).

  • Jean

    Is anyone ever seriously thought about filling a class-action suit against HP?

    I purchased my HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 on December 2010. Since that time, I have lost around 60 hours of work trying to setup and make this printer works. I have 4 HP technicians that took control of my computer to try to set the printer, 2 high level technicians from HP and tens of calls with their technical support. A total nightmare. So I decided to change my router (Netgear) because I was told by one HP technician that perhaps my router was the problem. I bought a brand new Linksys E3000 router (150$) and intalled it. But this changed absolutely nothing to improve the performance of the printer.
    I used the printer with two computers: one being a HP HENVY-14 using Window 7 (64-bits) and one MacBook Pro using Mac OS X Version 10.6.6. The problem seems to be that the printer doesn’t deal with the wireless communication (it seem to be a glitch in the software). HP doesn’t not want to admit it but, it is my conclusion. On Feb. 21 the technician from HP recommended me to go to the reseller and to request that the printer will be replaced by a new OfficeJet Pro 8500. This is exactly what I did and reinstalled the new printer from scratch with the new drivers, etc. with the help of the HP technician. Not too long after the printer crashed again. I started the printer again and again (17 times in a row) and the printer continued to crash time after time even with no printing request at all. So I call the management of HP to request to have my money back so I can by a all in one printer that is working. Obviously, they refused to do this. What they have offered me is to have me send the printer back to them (5 days lost) and then after receiving it they will send me a new HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 (5 days again). This will be the third printer that I tried. I really believe there is a glitch in the wireless software in this printer and HP does not want to admit it. I am using this for a business and I am really upset with HP attitude regarding this problem.
    I would like to know if I am the only person having this type of problem with this particular printer (using wireless communication). I am looking to take some legal actions against HP because they are overselling the feature of this printer and does not support their customers.I will personally never buy anything that is coming from HP in the future.
    Thanks for your comments or help.

  • JT

    Lexmark is the way to go, IMO. I just purchased a Lexmark Pro 905, the comparable machine to the Wireless 8500. Of course HP wanted 270 to upgrade when my machine was less than 2 wks out of warranty and had the fatal paper feed error (not easily repairable).

    I decided to pass and have severed ALL ties to HP; will never own another HP product. But, the Lexmark is top shelf, a comparable machine to the HP 8500, but has a factory 5 yr replacement warranty. That is strong for a printer.

    I shopped the price was able to buy the Lex Pro 905 for less than what HP wanted to replace/upgrade my old machine. Besides, I needed some help in installing the Lex and Customer service couldn’t have been stronger, spending 45 mins to correct or update software with me on the phone using remote to download a specialty driver due to my oper system; Vista 64 bit.

    I am SOLD on the Lexmark thusfar and plan on being for the next 5 yrs with the replacement warranty, which is std. HP and their printers can take a flying leap.

  • JT, I hope you have success with your new Lexmark printer.

    For the sake of other users of the HP 8500 printer, I thought I would point out that not all paper feed issues are “fatal” or “not easily repairable”. Almost every case of paper feeding problems I have encountered was caused by one or both of the following conditions: poor control of static electricity buildup on paper/printer and/or paper dust on the surface feed rollers. This applies to many printer brands, not just HP.

    The use of conductive floor mats and conductive/grounded table top pads under the printer has eliminated 100% of the static related paper issues with the printers I support. Many people seem to not believe this can make a difference but if static build up is the culprit then these measures can minimize the problems. It’s amazing how tightly a sheet of paper can be held to the stack by excessive static charge.

    The other cause can be paper dust coating the surface of the feed rollers and causing mis-feeds (as well as clog print heads). Some paper is worse than others in the amount of paper dust on the sheets. If you see a fine coating of white power inside your printer, then you need to clean the feed rollers and insides of the printer.

    The best indicator of static or contaminated feed rollers is the presence of small marks on the top sheet of paper in the feed stack after a mis-feed. These marks are made by the rotating feed rollers contacting the top sheet but the sheet does not start moving so the rollers scuff the paper. If you see these marks, it’s a good sign that the printer mechanics are probably working properly. I use pre-moistened optical wipes as a simple cleaning pad to wipe the surface of the rollers.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  • Ramona

    Every time I try to print, it gives me the option of faxing. I just want to print. Anyone have any tips for me?

  • Paul

    Can someone please tell me how I can stop my 8500 A910 from rescaling the page I want to print? It seems it is impossible to print anything accurately as the printer always prints the top and bottom borders in the wrong place? I have changed the paper size to A4 but this does not help, if I pdf the document it sorts out the problem wih the top of the page but nothing seems to work with the bottom?

  • Jo

    Ramona–the defaults on installation of my 8500 put two icons in the print box: “HP Office Jet Pro 8500 A909g Series” AND “HP Office Jet Pro 8500 A909g Series Fax.” Make sure you use the former. It’s an issue I’ve had several times because the full title doesn’t show up in my “print box” unless I enlarge it. I’ve thought about renaming the printer icons but I’m chicken — they work now and I want to keep it that way!

  • JT


    I do not have the specific solution as to your problem.

    The general answer is to throw that piece of junk in the trash can, as I did, and buy a Lexmark Pro 905. ALL problems relative to my 8500 are now solved. Good freaking bye to ALL HP products for me, now and forever. grrrr!

  • Jimbo

    +1 for Paul.

    To those that aren’t cluing in that this ISN’T a support forum…please call HP Support. If that doesnt make you want to throw the printer out the window, nothing will.

  • Brown

    Regarding the HP Officejet Pro 8500….I have given up on this machine…all the problem spoken about are true….today I ordered a Brother color laser printer to replace the HP8500. I have had a brother printer/scanner in my office for three years and NEVER had any by by to HP…..

  • I bought the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Premium. I have always bought HP printers.

    I wanted to up grade to an all in one and purchased the 8500A Premium. The scanner does not work properly. It skips pages every time. I called HP support they said it was a equipment issue (after talking to the techs for 2 hours). I exchanged it for another brand new one. Guess what? Same problem. I think it is a software issue. I called back, and was on the phone another 3 hours with tech support. No solution.

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER unless you want to waste $300. This has made me reconsider always buying HP printers.

  • Henry

    I have no one but myself to blame for this printer. … I didn’t do the proper research, then again, in this day and age I did not think “paper feed” problems would be an issue. Found out today when we had to do some bulk printing. Up to this point, I was liking the machine. Even the noise level. I would stay away from this for the shear sake it doesnt feed properly. Based on our luck at the office lately with HP equipment in general… Time to stay away from them.

  • Carol

    Wow, after reading some of the comments, I feel very lucky. I had my HP Officejet Pro 8500 for 4 months now and I love it. I have had no problems with printing, faxing, scanning or Wifi and it prints great. Its so much quieter than my last printer. I also use it with my laptop and no problems using it that way either. This printer was recommended to me by the computer repair company by my home and they love it and have had no problems either.

  • Robert Atlanta

    If you get a long black vertical line on a scan copy made with the auto feeder, open the flat bed and clean the small section of glass to the left. This is the reading surface for auto feed scans and it probably has a smudge/s that are registering on the scan.

  • just installed the 8500 and the auto feeder is not detected. i am getting a meessage no papers in the feeders.Anyone has any solution?

  • Jimbo

    1) read the other comments in this thread
    2) call HP support
    3) pack everything back in the box
    4) find the receipt (optional – but highly desirable)
    5) take the printer back to wherever you bought it
    6) ask for a refund: if they wont refund your money/give a credit to buy another brand, then take it to their store entrance and either a) smash it with a baseball bat b) drive over it with your vehicle
    7) place a note on it telling the world what a POS it is and walk away. Drawing enough attention during this step to have a news crew show up and film the entire thing is not a bad idea (and/or post on YouTube, etc)
    NOTE: please consider the safety of others during this excercise

    It is VERY important to perform Step #2 so that will ENSURE that you follow the remainder of the steps.

  • I have an HP8500 Wireless, and so far it’s been pretty good – except for the ink. I noticed that some people in this thread are talking about bulk ink systems for this printer (continuous ink supply system?). I think the price of ink for most printers, including this one, is outrageous! THAT is where these manufacturers make all their money.

  • Cannot get my HP Officejet Pro 8500 to do double-sided anything. Do not even see an option in the software.

  • Ian Barry

    My 8500 wireless is chewing paper sporadically,well intermitantly, quite often really, its 9 months old bought from Amazon delivered to Spain. Whats the best way to deal with it, phone HP? phone Amazon and send it back!

    I can’t be the first,is it a common problem, I use normal 80gm paper.

    What would be the best course of action.

  • Jimbo

    1) read the other comments in this thread
    2) call HP support
    3) pack everything back in the box
    4) find the receipt (optional – but highly desirable)
    5) take the printer back to wherever you bought it
    6) ask for a refund: if they wont refund your money/give a credit to buy another brand, then take it to their store entrance and either a) smash it with a baseball bat b) drive over it with your vehicle
    7) place a note on it telling the world what a POS it is and walk away. Drawing enough attention during this step to have a news crew show up and film the entire thing is not a bad idea (and/or post on YouTube, etc)
    NOTE: please consider the safety of others during this excercise

    It is VERY important to perform Step #2 so that will ENSURE that you follow the remainder of the steps.

    …and if you’re not bright enough to figure out that this isn’t a support forum, then keep the printer and stare at it until it starts to work correctly.

  • mraskin


    I can understand your frustration when something gets wrong but fortunately there are some HP8500 that are working pretty well.
    OK we have to fight sometimes with HP support :(
    OK my printer does not print bright yellow
    but overall it does the job. Even 2x sided for scan / print !
    (OK I am not using it for business, so I may be more patient :)

  • JT

    Just an update on my replacement printer for that piece of excrement HP 8500 wireless.

    I purchased a Lexmark Pro905. Absolutely love it. Have had one occasion to contact service and that was handled overnight shipping with replacement part and they also sent replacement ink cartridges too. Can you imagine HP doing such a thing,.,.?

    Also the ink cartridges are a fraction of the cost of the HP replacements. I can buy 4 cartridges (black and 3 colors) for the price of the black cartridge for the HP 8500.

    I truly love the Lexmark product and their responsive cust service… I will NEVER spend another dime on an HP product.

  • Jean

    Today is a day of celebration. After spending approximately 100 hours (including several hours with all customer service levels at HP) on two new HP 8500A Printer I finally decided to follow JT recommendation. I brought this total piece of crap back to the store (Staple) and asked them to find me a solution before become nut.
    Staple were very supportive and they exchange the HP 8500A for a Lexmark Pro905, which seems to work great.
    I suggest to anyone that need a printer in the future to buy from a company that is standing behind its products. Clearly, HP has done anything possible to make me believe that I had a particular and unique problem with the printer and that my setup was the reason for this mess. Today after loosing all this time and investigating, I realize that the HP 8500A is full of problem and Hewlett-Packard is doing everything possible to keep that piece of excrement into the market.

  • Karen

    I just bought my HP 8500 yesterday. I set it up today and when i plugged it in and turned it on, it does nothing but scroll the language. It won’t print the initial page. Also my lcd screen is only showing half the letters.

  • Jo

    Try downloading the set-up and drivers from the internet.

    Lots of people on this site have had loads of problems with this unit. I’ve been luckier than most. Other than my post of May 10, 2010, I only have one remaining, although irritating, problem — I have to unplug it from the network and from power periodically because I get an error message “not connected to network.”

    The problem I had last year I fixed by downloading the set-up and drivers directly from the network. I think that the set-up disc that came with the printer was bad.

    Besides everything else, my office bought the printer so it wasn’t my personal funds in jeopardy. For a small office, it’s fine. Printing, faxing, and scanning is quick. It prints color documents faster than my older color printer and the cartridges at not that different in price.

  • Roland

    Karen, return it to the store.

    Out-of-the-box the LCD screen should display stuff correctly and if you’ve put the printheads and inks in correctly, selected your display language (I found using a stylus from a DSi helpful as have big fingers), the unit will perform a self-test and diagnostic prints then you will be able to use the unit as a copier without connecting it to a computer.

    Once you get this far then go about installing the PC software.

  • Brian

    “Karen, return it to the store”

    Then buy a Canon……. ;)