The 10 Richest Olympians in the World — In Context

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Earlier this month, Forbes’ Tom Van Riper posted an excellent article about Beijing’s richest Olympians. I summed up Van Riper’s Top Ten list–the original, a must-read, includes more detailed sponsorship information–and added outside research to put the Olympians’ exhorbitant incomes into context.

Here’s the list, from richest to…poorest? I think not:

1. Kobe Bryant, basketball player from the United States.
Income: $39 million/year


This Lakers and NBA MVP rakes in millions through sponsorship contracts and an LA Lakers contract worth more than $130 million.

Recently, $39 million also went to:
–Dallas Cowboys’ free safety Ken Hamlin, who just won a 6-year contract for $39 million.
–Tennessee Titans right tackle David Stewart and New York Rangers defenseman Wade Redden won similar 6-year contracts.
–Mobile virtual operator Helio, who just received that amount in a Virgin Mobile buyout.

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