Ritz Camera Shutting Down 300 Stores

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Ritz Camera Shutting Down 300 Stores

Rtiz Camera, Wolf Camera, Kits Camera, and other names associated with Ritz closing down 300+ stores nationwide as part of a bankruptcy consolidation process. CNET has details:

This of course means stock liquidation sales, which will begin Saturday, April 4. As with the Circuit City liquidation, I wouldn’t expect huge discounts despite a senior VP at one of the four LLCs handling the sale saying we’ll find “quality, brand-name merchandise at greatly reduced prices.” (I’m willing to bet his idea of “greatly reduced” and mine don’t jibe.)

Though it’s sad to see more stores shutting down, at least Ritz isn’t going away entirely. The company as of right now plans to keep more than 400 stores open.

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