Rolling Stones Online

Oh yeah, this is what I like to see. My favorite band making a good business decision.

For 40 years, the Rolling Stones have been the personification of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Now the group has officially entered the 21st century. On Aug. 18, the band's entire catalog became available through Real Network's (RNWK ) digital-music service, Rhapsody. Stones fans will be able to stream, download, or burn such classic tracks as Beast of Burden, Angie, Brown Sugar and, appropriately Start Me Up. (Pre-1971 tunes recorded on the ABKCO Record label will be available for streaming only.) More important, Rhapsody has also signed a distribution deal with consumer electronics giant Best Buy (BBY ) to sell its service at interactive kiosks in more than 560 stores nationwide.

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