Rush Limbaugh Wants to Buy the St. Louis Rams

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Rush Limbaugh today announced that he has made a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams in partnership with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts. The LA Times has more:

It’s unclear whether Limbaugh and Checketts will buy the team outright or purchase a majority or minority stake in the franchise. Georgia Frontiere’s children own a 60% stake in the team, and billionaire Stan Kroenke owns a 40% stake.

Hopefully, Limbaugh’s latest foray into the pro football will go a little more smoothly than when he worked briefly as an NFL commentator for ESPN in 2003. Limbaugh resigned after saying Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback do well in the NFL.

Last year, Forbes listed the Rams, which moved from Los Angeles in 1994, as worth $929 million (23rd highest in the NFL).

Eamonn Brennan thinks Limbaugh’s bid can’t bode well for the NFL:

…this is a bad thing for NFL fans whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not. Why? Because the NFL isn’t supposed to be about what some crazy right- or left-wing talk show host said today. It’s not supposed to revolve in the same 24-hour insanity cycle that governs talk radio and cable news. Limbaugh’s ownership threatens that. Our house has clean white carpets; we don’t need that mess. But somehow we don’t see Limbaugh taking his shoes off at the door.

One thing is certain: If Limbaugh does indeed buy the Rams, he’ll be the recipient of the NFL’s rather liberal — borderline, well, socialist — profit-sharing structure. Small market team that they are, the Rams might not be able to make a profit without the NFL’s tax on larger, more affluent teams. What will Rush think of that? If the sale ends up going through — and the Rams might not sell at all — you can count on finding out.

Reuters adds:

(An official) statement said Limbaugh would not discuss the bid further because of a confidentiality agreement with Goldman Sachs, which was hired by the family of former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere to review her estate.

Rush might be worth enough money to buy in as part of a group, but does he really stand a chance? What do you think?

  • Lynn Hooper

    Mr. Brennan,

    Let me first say that I am a conservative, but not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. To say that the NFL has “clean white carpets” is just not true. There is seemingly a scandal with NFL teams and players and coaches almost on a weekly basis. You have players that are on trial for manslaughter, murder, dog-fighting, domestic violence, drunk driving and the list goes on. Then, not to leave the coaching staffs out, you’ve got coaches that break the jaws of assistant coaches and those that spy on other teams. So you have a radical conservative owning the St. Louis Rams, you’ve got the most radical liberal in the White House, let’s move on. Limbaugh will do much less damage. Whether you agree with Limbaugh having a piece of the Rams or not, to say the NFL has “clean white carpets” is just untrue.

  • C.R

    We don’t stand for blood’s n cribs n the NFL….70% of the NFL players r black.. five r six of the NFL players don’t make the NFL thugs. PERIOD

  • Lynn Hooper

    C.R., I in now way insinuated that the entire NFL are thugs. That is just not true. It’s actually one of the better run sports today with Mr. Goodell, much better than his predecessors. Unfortunately, like in most situations, we hear about the 3-5% that ruin the reputation for the rest of the league. But, to say that they are squeaky clean. No, they are not.