Russian Analysis of the War Success

This article from the Moscow Times points out that:

During the first three days of the land war in 1991, allied troops took some 30,000 Iraqi soldiers prisoner. The first three days of Operation Iraqi Freedom netted just 4,000 prisoners.

In 1991, the U.S.-led coalition accomplished all of its objectives in the land war in less than four days. Allied forces in Desert Storm destroyed 4,000 Iraqi tanks out of a total of 4,230. They obliterated 2,140 of 3,110 pieces of artillery, along with 1,856 of 2,870 armored personnel carriers and 240 of 800 combat aircraft.

In contrast, during the same war, the allies lost just four of their 3,360 tanks, only one piece of artillery out of 3,633, nine armored personnel carriers out of the total 4,050, and 44 of 2,600 planes.

According to conservative estimates, Iraq lost 25,000 to 50,000 soldiers in Desert Storm; some estimates even go as high as 100,000. Meanwhile, of 737,000 soldiers deployed by the U.S.-led coalition, only 148 died, including 89 Americans.

It goes on to note though, that:

The goal of Operation Iraqi Freedom is to oust Saddam Hussein and to disarm Iraq. Disarmament, according to von Clausewitz, means to destroy a country's armed forces, conquer its territory and break its will to resist. With these three goals in mind, the atypical progress of the current war begins to make sense.

I can't wait to read about the real strategy of the war and how successful it was, which we won't know until all this is over.