Sarah Palin’s To-Die-For Glasses

The country’s latest celebrity obsession has unwittingly created a major trend: Rimless glasses
. From the UK Guardian:

Opticians in America have reported a surge in demand for the rimless rectangular specs worn by John McCain’s running mate during her convention speech. Retailers are racing to stock the $375 designer frames as ‘hockey mom’ Palin’s fashion sense gains attention.

Joy Leedham, owner of Home Optics in Chugiak, Alaska, said she had been inundated with orders after it emerged she had fitted the governor’s glasses. ‘I got a call at 5.30am asking if I could make glasses exactly the same as Sarah Palin’s,’ she told The Observer. Some requests have been going directly to Palin’s office, which has forwarded them to Leedham. It was last December when the two sat down in Palin’s kitchen and went through nearly 300 possible frames, narrowing them down to five contenders before the family chose the one they liked best.

The frame is from Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki’s 704 series, in the colour 34 grey, made from titanium and mounted via a screwless tension system. The price starts at $375 for the frame and can go up to $700, depending on the lens.

Like any good fashion icon, Palin’s look is expensive and hard-to-get. Opticians, meanwhile, are rejoicing as people flock to buy up Sarah Palin look-alike glasses.

Now the Palin action figure is also a hot commodity. I wonder what other kinds of unintended business windfalls this (particularly sexy) election will bring.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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