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  • The Story Behind the Space Jam Jordans Hype

    Image: Sneakerfiles Nike released a limited number of Space Jam Jordans to stores last night. The sneakers, formally named Air Jordan XI (11) Retro Space Jams, are so highly coveted that shoppers crowded malls at midnight or camped out to get a pair. I recall Air Jordans being the must-have sneaker in the 1990s, but […]

  • 10 Times Movies Depicted Big Businesses As The Villain

    As pop culture shifts with time, it becomes harder to make compelling villains and to ensure that the audience can feel with the protagonist. Because of that, combined with the economic changes over the last decade, big business has become a more prominent ‘bad guy’ in a lot of films. In this list, you can […]

  • Cryptocurrency

    30 Major Developments in the History of Cryptocurrency

    Image Source The first Bitcoin transaction, made between the cryptocurrency’s elusive creator Satoshi Nakamoto and cybersecurity veteran Hal Finney, came in January 2009. And this pivotal moment was the start of something big: in 2017, in fact, the number of Bitcoin transactions over a single day regularly exceeded 250,000. Moreover, the same year also saw […]

  • Husband Sues Wife Over a Donated Kidney

    Top 10 Absurdly Outrageous Lawsuits

    Some lawsuits are serious cases that have substantial and wide-reaching implications. Some are frivolous. And then some others are just so absurd that we have to wonder how these cases even made it before a judge. In this Top 10 ranking, we will be taking a look at some of the most absurd, baseless and […]

  • Under Armour shares up 8% as Stephen Curry’s shoes prove to be a massive success

    Under Armour shares are up nearly 8% on Thursday after the company revealed the huge success of Stephen Curry basketball shoes. The athletic apparel company reported a double-digit rise in revenues and profits during its first quarter, driven by huge growth in its shoe business. Shares of the company, which are up 13% this year, jumped 9% to $48.23 in […]

  • Samsung ad and Pele lawsuit

    Soccer legend Pele sues Samsung for $30 million over ‘lookalike’ ad

    Brazilian soccer legend Pele is suing Samsung. He filed a $30 million lawsuit in Chicago after the electronics giant published a newspaper ad that clearly features a Pele “lookalike.” Edson Arantes do Nascimento, 75, still earns most of his money from endorsement deals. His lawsuit claims Samsung acted in a “willful and outrageous” manner by promoting a […]

  • Shaq

    13 athletes who actually managed their money and built businesses

    It’s not uncommon to hear about professional athletes who lost all their money during their careers or after retirement. Despite making millions of dollars during their careers because of contracts, sponsorships, and endorsements, players like Vince Young and Allen Iverson have lost it all. The most common reasons players lose their money include overspending, bad […]

  • Steph Curry and Under Armour Shares

    Stephen Curry sends Under Armour shares soaring

    Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA right now and his sudden celebrity has sent shares of Under Armour soaring. Under Armour’s Curry line of basketball sneakers led by the Curry name now account for 15% of the company’s overall revenue. The Curry One sneaker debuted last February […]

  • Wal-Mart Facing Lawsuit Ammo

    Wal-Mart faces lawsuit over bullets used in three murders

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is facing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania after bullets purchased at the store were used in three murders. The lawsuit claims store employees were negligent when they allowed an underage, drunk customer to purchase the box of bullets. Families of the three victims are seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Wal-Mart and several […]

  • Under Armour Profits Are Crazy

    Under Armour Just Reported Its First Ever $1 Billion Quarter

    Under Armour has just reported its first ever quarter with $1 billion in revenue. The apparel retailer reported revenues of $1.2 billion for an adjusted earnings per share of $0.45.   Analysts had estimated adjusted earnings per share of $0.44 and revenues of $1.18 billion, according to Business Insider. Footwear sales at the merchandiser jumped 61% […]

  • Brands from our Childhoods

    23 Brands That Will Immediately Transport You Back To Your Childhood

    As a child of the 20th or 21st century you are probably intimately familiar with such classic video game systems as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Genesis. You have also probably experienced the drenched joy of a super soaker and the wasted time that followed your first introduction to the Slinky and Play-Doh. We […]