The Secret Service Sex Scandal

It’s interesting how much exposure sex scandal stories receive. America isn’t exactly the most conservative country. And although we’d like to portray ourselves as professional, let’s just face it… people have sex drives and seek pleasure.

In any circumstance it’s not acceptable to cheat on your spouse, but a recent incident with President Obama’s Secret Service and some prostitutes has caused quite a stir. And although it’s unknown if the agents were married or not, it’s still brought embarrassment to President Obama and the rest of the government.

Apparently, while on a trip to Cartagena, Columbia, 11 Secret Service agents had a wild night of babes and booze that ended in an argument with a Colombian hooker requesting she be paid for her services.

Odd how one money can make or break a moment. At a first glimpse for anyone it may seem like a harmless act but the situation is considered unacceptable because they’re supposed to be protecting the President, keeping their identity secret and they’re expected to be professional at all times. Getting drunk, going to strip clubs, and messing with prostitutes while on a government assignment is inexcusable. Now on their own personal time, I wonder if it would’ve been a different story?

The 11 agents have now had their top security clearances have been terminated. Maybe it’s just a scandal. Or maybe it’s a Misdirection. To help forget about how bad our foreign policy is in Latin America.

I don’t normally suggest anyone watching Info Wars. But this episode brings up some fascinating questions. You have to wonder. Classic misdirection, or really a scandal ?

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