Sentence Completion Shows What you Know

Here is an interesting idea.

It's time for me to introduce you to something that helps me no end. Whatever you are facing, you can use this technique to help you get answers and results. I use it in a big way with my clients. It's called sentence completion and over the next few weeks I'll be coming back to it because it's so useful (or powerful – you choose).

1) Take any issue you want to consider. E.g: your relationship with your kids or partner; your relationships at work; your project; your time; your stress — ANYTHING.

2) Now create a sentence stem that focuses on your issue. E.g. If I want to improve my time effectiveness by 5% I must…

3) Then complete the sentence between 6-10 times. Don't get fixed too long trying to say the right thing, if in doubt, invent – just make sure the ending is grammatically correct.

Found via Curt Rosengren.

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