Several Volkswagen Engineers Have Admitted To CO2 Rigging


Several Volkswagen engineers have admitted to cheating on carbon dioxide emissions data.

According to German publication Bild, the engineers say they were forced to falsify data because goals set by former Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn were very difficult to achieve.

The paper says VW engineers messed with tire pressure and mixed diesel with regular motor oil to make VW vehicles use less fuel. It claims that the deception began in 2013 and carried on until the Spring of this year.

“Employees have indicated in an internal investigation that there were irregularities in ascertaining fuel consumption data. How this happened is subject to ongoing proceedings,” a Volkswagen spokesman said.

On Tuesday, VW admitted to understating the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of about 800,000 vehicles sold in Europe.
The newest admission of guilt arrives just six weeks after the company admitted to building emissions cheat devices into at least 11 million vehicles worldwide.
Cheating scandals are expected to cost Volkswagen 35 billion euros ($38 billion) in fines, lawsuits, and vehicle refits.


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The names of engineers involved in the Volkswagen scandals have not been released. It is believed that between 10-20 people were involved in the cheating scandal.

German officials are investigating the case and recently raided the company’s headquarters.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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