SkyFire Quenches iPhone Users’ Thirst for Flash

Image: SkyFire

After the hubbub with Steve Jobs and Flash earlier this year, SkyFire, the new Flash browser for iPhone, has proven that iPhone users were actually desperate for Flash. SkyFire raked in $1 million in the single week that it’s been out. VentureBeat has the story:

The mobile SkyFire browser for the iPhone sells itself: It lets you play Flash video on the iPhone. Who wouldn’t want that? So it’s no surprise to learn that the browser has already raked in $1 million since it hit the App Store last Thursday, TechCrunch reports.

The browser sells for $2.99, and the company says that its download numbers were over 300,000 for the weekend. After Apple’s 30 percent cut of the pie, that leaves SkyFire with over $700,000. The browser is also available for Android, Windows Mobile, and Nokia phones — and notably, it’s free on those platforms.

SkyFire’s journey to success on the iPhone has been a storied one. The company submitted the app for Apple’s approval in early September, and at the time we argued that Apple would have very little reason not to accept the browser. SkyFire announced the app was approved earlier this month and that it would be hitting the App Store on Thursday, November 4. But due to popular demand, SkyFire pulled the app after its servers — which encode the Flash video into an iPhone-ready format — got overwhelmed. The company proceeded to accept purchases in batches as it strengthened its servers for the onslaught of iPhone users.

SkyFire doesn’t let you play games or animations, according to VentureBeat, but what it does offer has been good enough for the hundreds of thousands of users who downloaded it in the past week. Moral of the story: Temporary tech embargoes do pay–if you’re the company that can release the product soonest after they get lifted.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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