Sophistication Isn’t Everything


Last week I wrote about the importance (or not) of custom web design, particularly for aesthetic reasons. After thinking about visually awful, but fully functional Craigslist, as well as Twitter’s sparse and Blogger-based informational blog, I’m still clearly in the ‘it depends’ camp when it comes to the importantace of sophisticated web design.

(That said, my sites are looking *awesome* – thanks to Eric Hamm.)

Here’s another example of through-the-roof business growth with funky, homemade media. Morris Rosenthal’s video about his book on laptop repair isn’t fancy, but it’s working.


“The video was made in a single take with my FlipCam, no script, and I never experimented with running different videos. If you sit through the video, you’ll see it really is about the book, there’s no “call to action”, promise of enhanced performance, longer life, improved self esteem, or any of that good stuff.”

But in the post he reports that sales are way up. If you check out his blog (linked above) you’ll see that’s not so pretty either.

So I guess at least when it comes to laptop repair, it really is all about the content.

Image Credit: notionscapital, Flickr