Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer


I didn't purchase this article, but it sounds interesting.

Companies today glorify the executive who logs 100-hour workweeks, the road warrior who lives out of a suitcase in multiple time zones, and the negotiator who takes a red-eye to make an 8 a.m. meeting. But to Dr. Charles A. Czeisler, the Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, this kind of corporate behavior is the antithesis of high performance. In fact, he says, it endangers employees and puts their companies at risk.

I've been using the Sleeptracker watch for about a month now, and my sleep has definitely gotten better. I focus much better and pay less attention to distractions when I am rested. The challenge I have is that I sleep better when I don't stay on the computer the last hour before I go to bed. I'm a 10pm-5am sleeper, but I have problems shutting down the computer at 9pm.

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