Slimming Mirrors in Retail

The following was sent to me by a friend, and got me thinking…

We were in the mall last night (specifically in The Limited). While I was waiting for her to try something on, I was sitting on a bench near a mirror. Another lady walks up to the mirror, looks at herself, then turns and says to her daughter "These are the mirrors that make you look skinny." My initial reaction was this woman was fairly crazy, because she was already pretty thin….but then I realized how ingenious the idea is, and figured she is probably right. Why not make all of your mirrors make people look better in your clothing, since they will be more willing to buy the clothing if they think it makes them look skinnier. I wonder how widespread this is. Is it done only in women's clothing stores, or would it be done for men also?

I wonder now if this is true or a retail urban legend. Have any of you worked in a retail position such that you can verify or refute this?

  • Sharin

    It is very true I have managed different women’s & juniors stores in the Galleria for over 10 years, and I majored in business managment. Not all stores do it, but quite a few do, think about it, did you ever buy something thinking it looked great on you, and then got home and hated it? Yep that’s why! But there are MORE things they do! Stores like Abercrombie use a fragrance (maybe in detergent & wash them, or spray them? not too sure on the specifics) that way when you put them on, you get a version of aroma therapy that makes you feel good when you put try it on the the fitting room. SO you feel good & want to buy it. GO to the store and sniff a shirt you’ll be shocked! Other things such as Victoria’s Secret designs the fitting rooms to make you feel as if you look like a model, by the frame of the mirror in the fitting room and the desgins on the wall.
    There are a few more things too EVERY store has tricks from the supermarket to the high end store at the mall, it’s all just considered good business tactics.