Snapchat Update Adds Multiple Emojis, Travel Mode and Trophy Case

Snapchat Update

Snapchat just released another big update to its iOS and Android users today.

The update includes a must-needed option in your settings to put the app into “Travel Mode” which disables the app from auto-loading content under the Discover page such as Stories. This was a big issue for the app as Snapchat would pre-load its Discover and Live Stories first, before the your friend’s stories, or the content you actually wanted to see. This used up a ton of data on user’s phones and many began to complain.

Travel Mode Snapchat Update

The Snapchat update also included a hidden update that was not announced in the app’s update description. If you swipe down from your camera page, you’ll find the page where you can add friends. But if you now look at the top, there is an additional arrow icon in the center. Selecting that icon brings you in to a page called the “Trophy Case.” Here, you’ll find emojis that represent different achievements you have done in the app including “Send 10 snaps with front facing flash on.”

The Trophy Case seems to be a little buggy right now as all of the trophy emojis say the same reward name and there’s only 2 types of emojis showing.  With that in mind, and the fact that the Snapchat update description did not include any mention of a Trophy Case, one could assume this may have been a mistake.

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Triphy Case Snapchat Update

The biggest Snapchat update today though was the ability to add multiple emojis to a photo or video. This is a feature that has been long overdue. Snapchat has progressed to this point by allowing users to add large, movable emojis to their posts but only if they were next to each other. Finally users are able to add multiple, resizable emojis to their post and move each one freely around the review post page.

Snapchat introduced a new sticker icon under the preview post page. When selected, a full-size page of searchable emojis appears for the user to add multiple times. To delete an emoji, you hold it down and drag it over a trashcan icon in the top right of your screen. This Snapchat update is a big one as many user accounts are famous for their use of doodle and emojis. Now these accounts can become even more creative with their use of emojis on their posts.

Add Emojis Snapchat Update