Social Media and Sponsored Twittering


Is twitter a frivolous tool? That is what many people (me included) have said in the past, but now Beam Brands has sponsored a live twitter of Robby Gordon at the Baja 1000. Jason Falls of the Social Media Explorer blog came up with the idea because Beam Brands is a client of his.

I'll be manning a satellite phone to provide Twitter updates from the team during the 18- to 24-hour endurance race down the Baja peninsula in Mexico.

The updates are being packaged (I hate the term "mash up".) with a GPS tracking map for Gordon's truck and team support vehicles and some pre-recorded videos (look/listen for me in some of those, too) on Robby Gordon's website at Of course, if you're a Twitterer (Tweeter? Twit Victim?), you can "FOLLOW ROBBYGORDON" and get the updates the way you do mine or those of other interesting people.

Interesting and innovative for sure. Will it catch on? That probably depends on the success of this first sponsored twitter campaign.

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