Social Media for Businesses: What You Can Expect in 2011

2011 MIATSocial media sites are positioning themselves as major marketing outlets for companies in the upcoming years. Many companies that haven’t yet capitalized on Internet marketing outlets are beginning to consider their options while those with online presences are finding ways to expand their reach to more potential customers. The following are five changes that will likely occur in the social media scene in the near future.

More Targeted Approaches

When company executives began recognizing the power of free online marketing outlets, many created social media pages for their products and services without first developing a targeted approach. This has resulted in mismatched marketing campaigns that are producing limited results for many companies.

As these companies become more familiar with online social media marketing, many will begin revamping their marketing efforts on these websites. These revamped approaches will likely become more targeted to achieve intended results and to reach target markets.

Expanded Usage

While companies will begin to better focus their social media efforts to target markets, they will also begin expanding their social media usage to more outlets than only the top choices such as Facebook and Twitter. Other options, such as Flickr, possess largely untapped potential that companies can begin taking full advantage of to beat out their competitors.

Making Connections

Companies in the beginning stages of social media marketing campaigns often use these outlets as broadcasting sources rather than as tools to connect with current and potential customers. In the near future, many will likely begin recognizing how much more powerful social media websites can be when used as tools to interact with their target markets. These websites can be used for everything from resources for gaining valuable consumer input to offering discounts for driving sales.

Social Media Professionals

Another trend that is emerging with regards to corporate social media usage is the expansion of social media professionals. Many executives are realizing they don’t have the expertise needed to take full advantage of social media marketing and are therefore creating job positions designed specifically for online marketing purposes. This is creating a quickly expanding job market for young professionals who understand the ins and outs of social media marketing campaigns.

New Company Policies

One issue regarding social media websites that continues to plague many companies is how to handle issues that arise with the social media usage of their employees. Technology has all but erased the divide between personal and work lives and this is most evident on social media networks. To limit the degradation of corporate images, companies will continue to incorporate company policies regarding how their employees can and cannot use social media websites.

As the online social media world continues to expand, it will be interesting to track how companies continue adapting their marketing strategies to capitalize on this cost-effective marketing outlet. Social media isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. As such, to effectively connect with the youngest generations now entering the consumer market, corporations must learn how to effectively utilize social media and stay on top of the latest online trends.

Jennifer Moline is the content editor for PsPrint and editor of PsPrint Design Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company.

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