Software to Spend Your Money

Here is a good business idea – software that will spend your money for you.

It might sound like a bankruptcy waiting to happen, but software engineer Nick Jennings is supremely confident the phones will not mess up anybody's life. Jennings's team at the University of Southampton in the UK are developing programs known as software agents for the consortium. "I see the artificial agent as more like a butler-type character," he says.

The agents, which will run on the new generation of 3G phones, will watch how you use your mobile and learn to anticipate your next move. "They start off monitoring what you do and gradually look for ways to increase their role. Over time they get to know your preferences," says Jennings.

Once they have done that, the agents will decide for themselves what they think you need, for example retrieving online information, making restaurant or hotel reservations or buying travel tickets for you.

I bet the agents will think you need to pay for more software updates!

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