Some Clarifications

I've received a good deal of email about the post below. Discussion and disagreement with my posts are always allowed here, because I know everyone sees things differently, and that is what I love about this country. I am not religious, as those of you who have read my history know. But I used to be very very devout and I understand that mindset. I certainly respect those of you who are, and there are times when I miss being part of that world.

Keep in mind that the author of the Fortune article is the one pointing out the demographic trend towards a new dark age. While I see it as a possibility, I did not develop the original idea. And as I said, it is something I must think about in more detail. Also, my impression from the article is that the author is more or less referring to fundamentalists of all types in all parts of the world, not American Baptists or anyone like that. The conceptual link there was probably made because of my evolution comment, not by anything written in the original article. But you have to remember that evolution is a particular sore spot for me. I actually wrote in the University of Kentucky school newspaper both a column and later a letter to the editor about how evolution is not true. After years of studying both sides, I came to realize I was wrong. Therefore, based on my own experience, I assume that most people who are against evolution don't understand it, but I may be wrong.

How Automation is Changing Jobs, Careers, and the Future Workplace

The broader point that I failed to get across is that science is moving forward at an ever increasing pace, yet people understand less and less what is going on at the edge of scientific inquiry. Children today will grow up and face all sorts of strange dillemas about what it means to be "alive," because we will have machines that think just as we do. There are all sorts of ethical slippery slopes just waiting to be tackled in AI, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and many other fields of the future. I'm not sure we are ready, as a society, to deal with those questions. The future will raise all kinds of unique opposing demographic trends for businesses to have to tackle. Those of us who will be running businesses of the future need to walk a fine line to be able to navigate these areas in the future. But hey, that is why this career path is so much fun, right?