Songwriter Joseph Brooks Suspected in Five Sexual Assaults


I know this is a business blog, but after scanning this morning’s news, I need to digress. About sex.

Earlier this morning, it was reported that San Diego student Natalie Dylan is auctioning off her virginity. Now, the New York Daily News reports that songwriter Joseph Brooks has been luring aspiring actresses into his apartment for sex:

An Upper East Side songwriter who won an Academy Award for the ’70s Debbie Boone ballad “You Light Up My Life” is a suspect in five sexual assaults, law enforcement and police sources said.

Joseph Brooks played up his Hollywood connections on Craigslist Web postings to lure aspiring models and actresses to his apartment, where he forced himself on them, sources said.

The 70-year-old movie director – who made his money writing jingles for Pepsi and Geritol – is a suspect in two rapes, a sodomy case and two sexual assaults, sources told the Daily News.

The women were hooked by Brooks’ promise of parts in his next movie, sources said. He boasted about his Oscar and offer to show it to them at his pad.

Tell me: Who is depraved here?
Brooks obviously has a problem, and his performance may well relate to Viagra, which brings us back to the pharma industry, but look at the environment he’s operating in. Here’s a man caught forcing himself on women–inexcusable–while just a few clicks away, a woman auctions off her virginity. Both are playing in the same game, albeit not on the same level.

Meanwhile, rape prison sentences remain low,
doing nothing to disincentive dirtbags from luring in more hot young blood. Something is wrong here. Society is throwing out too many incentives for crossing lines, and the result isn’t pretty.

Why do we do this? And who is motivated to stop it?

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Written by Drea Knufken

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