Sony Recalls 535,000 Vaio Laptops

Image: PCSiteUK/Flickr

Sony is recalling 535,000 C- and F-Series Vaio laptops. The Vaios have been reported to get hot enough to bend, warp, and burn skin. Wired has more:

The F-series and C-Series Vaios have been sold into various markets around the world: Japan, Asia, Europe and the US, although so far Sony has only received 39 reports of overheating problems, says the Wall Street Journal.

Oddly, despite the recall, this appears to be a software issue which can be fixed with a download. According to Hiroyuki Kachi of the WSJ, a simple software fix will take care of everything, but for those not willing to do it themselves, Sony will arrange pickup for affected units.

To see if you’re affected, head over to Sony’s diagnostic page and check your serial number (found on the barcoded sticker on the bottom or rear of your machine). If you are, grab the BIOS firmware update and you should be running cool again in no time.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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