Sponsored Post: Get the Word on Word of Mouth Marketing Summit

Vegas is a happening place these days, and it's not all due to the casino action. This coming November 14th through the 15th, Vegas will be the hot spot for all those market gurus out there as they discuss a number of word of mouth marketing trends and industry issues such as social networking, branding, and alternative marketing strategies.

Some of the key note speakers for this summit include Jeff Bell, Corp. VP of Global Marketing, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft; Richard Tait, Grand Poo-Bah of Cranium Inc. and Andy Sernovitz, Author of "Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking."

Register on-line today at http://www.womma.org so you don't miss out:

Five Reasons You Need to Be Here

1. In 2007, WOM Changed Dramatically

We're covering the entire gamut of word of mouth marketing issues and trends, all the latest news and changes in this dynamic industry. In 2007, the WOM marketing industry, including:

– The Social Network Surge: Where Does WOM Fit in?
– The Influencer or the Network?
– Who Owns Word of Mouth? Who Should?
– WOM Measurement: How Do We Know When WOM Works?
– What's Next?

Be present with all of the WOM thought leaders as they tackle these issues and more.

The Coronavirus Could Cause Major Supply Chain Issues For Many Businesses: How Will This Effect The Economy?

2. Brands with Best Practices

Learn some of the word of mouth marketing industry's best practices from the brands that know it best, including:

– Southwest Airlines
– Microsoft
– Gather.com
– Cranium Inc.
– Flying Dog Brewery
– Habbo Hotel
– Eons
– Which Wich

3. A Stunningly WOM-Worthy Agenda

A refreshed agenda that's sure to get people talking. It's full of juicy panels, real issues, and all the information you need to know to do your job better.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself:

4. Numbers, Data, and Research – Oh My!

This year's Word of Mouth Research Symposium is chock full of data – with authors from this year's "Measuring Word of Mouth, Vol. 3" turning out to present their research papers and findings to a crowd that's hungry for numbers.

Bring your data questions – and your calculator.

5. It's Vegas, Baby

Do you really need another reason to come to Vegas and immerse yourself in amazing word of mouth marketing content?

We've got:

– All the biggest thinkers in WOM
– 50+ great speakers
– A 360 Degree View of WOM 2007
– An excuse to come to Vegas

All of that … all in one conference.