Sponsored Post: New IntelliVIEW Suite Release


The latest software release of IntelliVIEW Suite now provides even more power and ease of use. Business reporting has never been easier or more accurate.

Here's more from a Synaptris press release:

Synaptris, a leading provider of database reporting solutions today announced the release of version 3.5 of their IntelliVIEW range of products. The new release adds several features that not only provide more power to report-creators but also enhance 'self-serve' analytics for Business users.

The new features include:

* Filter & template management interface – This allows users to create & administer multiple sets of filters as well as report templates for each report. Users can use this feature to view the same report in several different formats by choosing the relevant filter set and templates at runtime.

* Enhanced Stored Procedure support – The new version allows reports to be created from Stored Procedures. In addition report filters also work with Stored Procedures, thus simplifying the creation of complex reports.

* Range grouping – Allows report data to be grouped on custom ranges. For eg. If a column contains values from 1 to 1 million, records can be quickly grouped by the auto-group function by just specifying a step value. Uneven steps are also possible.

* Cascading filters – Filters can be cascaded such that the output of one filter acts as the input to the next filter. This is extremely useful for getting highly refined data

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* Implicit Filter Support – Administrators can now restrict display of specific rows based upon the access rights of users. For eg. Sales heads see only data relevant to their own territories within sales reports.

* Exception highlighting – This is an extremely handy facility for highlighting records that meet certain criteria. For eg. all high-value orders that are over $50,000 get highlighted in a bright color.

"We've been working closely with a few select customers and are in the process of adding several new features based upon their feedback. This new release is one of the first ones to incorporate customer feedback, and we plan to have a lot more features in the upcoming releases" said Kalaivani Sadagopan, Director of Marketing at Synaptris. She added, "We have a clear mandate for future versions – make reporting easier for the Business users, and more powerful for the techie folks. And we plan to let our users drive us towards this goal".

More details about the new features as well as fully functional evaluation copies of IntelliVIEW 3.5 are available at http://www.synaptris.com/go/iv35-pr

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