You can buy Amazon Prime one month at a time but only if you’re a Sprint customer

Sprint Wireless and Amazon Prime on a month by month basis

Sprint Wireless customers can now purchase Amazon Prime on a month-by-month basis, skipping the company’s full $99 per year price plan.

Customers can turn the service on an off at any time, paying $10.99 a month for the service. That’s quite the premium over the company’s $100 price tag.

Customers who tend to shop online during holiday’s and special occasions could save money with the monthly subscription service by picking and choosing when they use it.

The Amazon Prime service customers receive features the same services as the annual plan, including a mix of a music and video service, along with free two-day shipping and various other smaller perks.

The move could be a win for Amazon Prime’s video service. Netflix and Hulu customers may see the advantage in paying for a monthly service that delivers TV shows and movies, while also providing them with free two-day shipping on already low priced items.

Throw in unlimited data plans, calling, and text, and Sprint continues to position itself as a low-cost carrier, even when its Amazon Prime service costs about $33 more per year.

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Sprint says it is continuing to look for new partners with whom it can partner in the future.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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